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Psycho-Orb is a Decepticon from the Robot Masters portion of the Generation One continuity family.

A Predacon born on ancient Earth during the time of the Beast Wars, Psycho-Orb followed his leader Megatron through the Blasty Zone, ending up in the year 2004 and helping him take over the Decepticons in the absence of their Megatron.

Psycho-Orb's defensive capabilities are highly advanced; his beast-mode shell is nearly impenetrable and can withstand temperatures up to 6000° Celsius. He also has the ability to move objects via psychokinesis, giving him some very unique combat capabilities.


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Robot Masters

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  • Psycho-Orb (Decepticon, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: RM-09
    • Accessories: Mace/foot, blaster/foot, "Calamity Defenser" shield
A redeco of the Beast Wars Maximal Armordillo, Psycho-Orb transforms into a large Brazilian armadillo, with a single-step spring-loaded transformation. His rear beast-mode legs detach to form weapons; a non-firing blaster and a spiked-ball-and-chain.
Unique to this version of the mold is the clear-plastic solitarium "weapon", the "Calamity Defenser" shield. This item can be combined with the other Decepticons' solitarium weapons to form the mega-weapon Arsenal Force.
This mold was also used to make Bump.

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