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Psychic Lover is a Japanese rock duo. Yoffy (Yoshiyuki Wada, left) sings vocals while Imajo (Tatsuhiro Imajō, right), a.k.a. Joe, plays all the guitars. They provide music for many Japanese action/anime series, including Gaiking, the anime version of Witchblade, and Dekaranger (the original version of some Power Rangers series, who knows). They list among their inspirations such musicians as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, George Michael, and Van Halen. Which explains a lot.

They wrote and performed three different songs for Micron Legend, the Japanese version of the Armada cartoon series:

Transformers discography

Four different Micron Legend CDs featuring Psychic Lover's music were released. The two most noteworthy (to most non-Japanese fans, at least) are the two mini-CD singles of the opening and closing themes released on February 1st 2003, as each one came with an exclusive redeco of one of the Mini-Con Teams from the toyline. Each CD also contained an original song, plus instrumental versions of both.

  • Opening Theme: "Transformer ~ Dream Again" c/w "Mune Ippai no..." ("A Heart Full of...")
Came with an "anime" redeco of the Street Action Mini-Con Team.
Came with a blue-tinted redeco of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team.

A March single contained simply "Dream Again" and "Never Ending Road" and no toys. In July 2003, another single was released with the cartoon's second opening and closing songs: "Transformers ~Kōtetsu no Yuuki~" ("Steel Courage") by Hideaki Takatori and Psychic Lover's "Don't Give Up!!"

In August 2003, the three Psychic Lover show-themes were included in the Japanese series-spanning Transformers Theme Song Collection CD.

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