Bomb X

A Proximity Bomb is a Cybertronian explosive device used by Dreadwing. He uses a phone-like device to activate these bombs.


"Loose Cannons"

The phone boom

Dreadwing with his activator

Dreadwing planted a bomb under Seaspray's ship with the intention to kill him and Wheeljack. Seaspray died, but Wheeljack managed to survive. Later, Dreadwing attempted to kill Optimus Prime, Bulkhead and with a bomb attached on Bulkhead, but failed as they convinced Dreadwing to deactivate the bomb. Unknown to the trio, Dreadwing had placed other bombs around the dock area which were set to explode.  


Dreadwing planted a bomb on Optimus during their second fight, but Optimus was able to dispose the bomb. During their fight with Starscream who was in the Apex Armor, Dreadwing placed one bomb on his back which failed to blow him up. However, Dreadwing placed several bombs around Starscream, which managed to blow Starscream through the ground.  

"Hard Knocks"

During the hunt for the Omega Key, Dreadwing attached his bombs on some trees in a forest. Bulkhead and Smokescreen managed to escape unharmed. Dreadwing attempted to place a bomb on Bulkhead's back but failed as Bulkhead learned from their previous encounter and had placed the bomb on Dreadwing. Dreadwing threw it but the bomb exploded near him where he fell to the floor unconscious. 

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