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Prowl lives life "by the book," and wants to make sure everyone else does too. He's proud to be a police officer and works to maintain discipline both among humans and his fellow Autobots. Prowl usually speaks in a clipped firm manner as he informs all around him of what they have recently done wrong. His strict reliance on the rulebook often hinders him from thinking creatively, and he can also be so impressed by seeing someone else stick firmly to procedure that he won't analyze whether they're actually being helpful.

In the brain department, he rates higher than his brothers, but only on one episode, he was being a complete and utter douche-bag.

Japanese name: Mach Alert


Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Wankus (English), Takayuki Kondō (Japanese)
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Robots in Disguise comic

DWSummerspecial RID Autobrothers Megs

Comic panel with Prowl on left side.

Scourge and Sky-Byte led an attack on Arizona to drain the energy out of a vague and nondescript building in the middle of the desert, T-AI tried to call upon the Autobot brothers to help, but Prowl, Side Burn and X-Brawn were busy tangling with Megatron in Oregon. Ultra the Rescue?

Cybertron comics


Car Robots/Robots in Disguise

RID Prowl Toy

Prowl model, released 2000.

  • Prowl (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
    • Japanese ID number: C-003
    • Accessories: Jet Booster Cannons / Left & right thrusters, "flame" missiles *2
Robots in Disguise Prowl transforms into a Lamborghini Diablo police highway pursuit vehicle. As with the original Prowl, he is painted in Japanese police ministry colors. Unusually for non-vintage transformers at the time, he has rubber tires over silver vacuum-metalized wheels.
In robot mode, Prowl is armed with two pressure-launch missile launchers with two flame-shaped projectiles. These launchers are mounted upon his right arm in robot mode, but can also be mounted on his sirens, to form a sort of jetpack. In vehicle mode, they can be mounted on two pegs located on his spoiler.
Early versions of Mach Alert (the Takara release) used an almost completely transparent colorless plastic for its windows and flame missiles, with semi-transparent paint on the flames. Later releases used a darker clear-plastic with brighter, more opaque flame-paint. This version was used by Hasbro for their release, but made the additional change of adding an Autobot faction symbol to his hood.
This mold was also used to make Universe Inferno, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.


  • Prowl (Deluxe, 2000/2001)
    • Japanese ID number: C-025
    • Accessories: Jet Booster Cannons / Left & right thrusters, "flame" missiles *2
Prowl got a US-police-inspired redeco as a "super mode". Now with extensive blue paint across his body and blue-and-red lights on his lightbar (and in his shoulders), Prowl also features English "POLICE" text instead of Japanese, with "MACH ALERT" underneath. The toy retains all of its gimmicks from the first version.
The Hasbro and Takara versions are nigh-identical, except that the Hasbro version yet again adds an Autobot symbol to the hood. While this version of the toy was simply called "Prowl" again with no modifier to denote his new "super mode" coloration, in Japan he was called "Super Mach Alert".


  • Super Car Robo 3-Brother Set (Clear Version) (Multi-pack, 2000)
    • Japanese ID number: C-025S (Prowl only)
    • Accessories: Jet Booster Cannons / Left & right thrusters, "flame" missiles *2
Prowl and his brothers Side Burn and X-Brawn were cast in mostly colorless-clear plastics (some of the unpaintable plastic "structural" bits remained opaque), given much of their normal super-mode deco (Prowl lost his car-mode blue), and sold in an exclusive three-pack. The set was first available at the Toys Land Osaka toy show on September 24th, then again at Super Festival on October 9th, both times for 6000 yen. The set was limited to 1500 pieces total between the two shows.


Prowl2 RID toy

I am no one. And everyone.

  • Side Swipe & Prowl 2 (Basic 2-pack, 2001)
    • Accessories: Rifle
Originally an unreleased Generation 2 Go-Bots mold, Prowl transforms into a police car based on the 1995 Chevrolet Caprice Interceptor (although some details are closer in similarity to the same year's Chevrolet Impala). He has through-axle construction to allow for super-fast rolling in car mode, and is compatible with many "Hot Wheels" and "Matchbox" racetracks. Like his fellow "new"-mold teammates, his rifle stores under his car mode. He was available in a two-pack with Side Swipe. This set was unique to the Hasbro line, and was never available in Japan.
This mold was used to make the Universe version of Generation One Prowl and the Universe-original Prowl.


  • Prowl 2 (Tiny Tins, 2001)
    • Accessories: Rifle, carrying tin
Prowl 2 was one of several Robots in Disguise toys to be sold as an individual in a Tiny Tins release, with a pocket-sized carrying case. The actual toy is unchanged from the two-pack version.

Universe (2003)

  • Prowl (Deluxe, 2004)
    • Accessories: Left & right thrusters, 2 "flame" missiles, CD
The original Prowl toy was repainted as one of a half-dozen Wal-Mart Universe exclusives put out in 2004. The robot mode is almost completely identical to the original deco. The vehicle mode uses the same base colors and black "Japanese police" lower deco, but all the police markings have been removed. Instead, his doors are adorned with stylized dragon tampographs, his hood has a massive Autobot symbol, a large "1 0 5" crosses the top of his windshield, and random red boxes dot his spoiler and lower portion of the doors. Wow.
He also came with an interactive CD-ROM!!! with all sorts of content.

Special attacks

  • Combustion Missile
  • Double Barrel Justice
  • Fusion Flame
  • Jet Booster Power Fist
  • Jet Booster Cannon


  • Prowl's strict, by-the-rulebook persona is in amusing contrast with his English voice actor Wankus's um... profession. Ahem. Well, he doesn't do anything illegal, but some folks probably want it to be.
  • The "Prowl 2" toy is wrapped up in some headache-inducing character ambiguity that has some excessively convoluted thing to do with an offhanded shout-out in the Binaltech story, Car Robots being retroactively brought into the Japanese Generation One uber-timeline, and probably the Beast Wars Sourcebook too, and the non-Car-Robots Spy Changers' lack of Hasbro bios.

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