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Prowl is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy.

Prowl #347

Prowl loves his job. With his incredibly acute senses and built-in radar system, Prowl scours the battlefields for those in need of aid, Autobot, Mini-Con or human. Decepticons... well, he has a weapon mode ready to "save" them.

He has an uncanny gift for his work, and his skill at observation has saved many a life. And he makes sure others know that, too. He likes to work in examples of his skills and exploits into casual conversation, and wants recognition for them. No physical rewards, just people lauding him a bit. He's very confident, so confident that occasionally he seems unable to recognize mistakes he might have made. Nobody questions his dedication to saving lives, and his deeds do largely match his words. They just wish he'd be a little less proud of himself over it.

In the Universe conflict, Prowl (or an alternate-universe version of him) is partnered with the guardian Autobots Magna Stampede and Stockade, and fellow Mini-Con Terradive.


Micron Legend: Linkage mini-comics

Prowl was used in his pistol mode by Overload (who held Kingbolt in his other hand, double-pistol action!) during the battle against Unicron and his hordes.

Dreamwave Armada comic

Prowl is one of the many Mini-Cons who gathered on Earth in preparation for the trip back to Cybertron and the battle with the chaos-bringer Unicron. Presumably, he joined Over-Run at the Loop, where the Mini-Cons channeled their energies through the Matrix and dealt the fatal blow to Unicron.


Prowl (in his "X-Dimension" colors) is a member of the Axiom Nexus Security Administration. He, Prowl and Prowl were part of the group investigating the discovery of Comet's body. Withered Hope



  • Emergency Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-20
Prowl transforms into a Cybertronic police car. He has a third "weapon mode" transformation, becoming a pistol that can be held by any toy that uses 5mm accessory-pegs. He was only available with his teammates Firebot and Makeshift.
Late in the Armada series, the Team was redecoed. Prowl in particular was decoed as a tribute to Generation One Smokescreen, in a mainly blue and red scheme with "38" tampographed on his car-mode hood.
This mold was also used to make Checkpoint, Groove, Kingbolt and Quasar.
  • Emergency Micron X-Dimension (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-21
A low-run regular-retail "X-Dimension" redeco of the Emergency Team was made available in Japan, in midnight blue and orange. This was the final set of X-Dimension Mini-Cons released.


  • Stockade and Magna Stampede with Prowl and Terradive (Ultra, 2004)
Prowl was redecoed for the Universe series, in a scheme very similar to Kingbolt, but darker and less saturated. He was only available as part of an Ultra-sized multi-pack along with Magna Stampede, Stockade and Terradive.

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