Protos is a moon and home of the Covenant in the Beast Wars portion of Generation One continuity family.
Protos methuselah

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Protos is a small moon orbiting Methuselah near the galactic core. Orbitally locked 'behind' the larger planet, Protos only sees brief moments of sunrise, many years apart.


Beast Wars continuity

Protos was created by Primus billions of years ago, as a prototype and dry run for the creation of Cybertron. For 300,000 years, part of Primus's essence reshaped Protos from the inside out: creating a self-sufficient hive-like colony, Sanctuary, then creating life, the first 12 Transformers.

Protos is a cobalt-colored world with corrosive gasses, raging seas of Nucleon that mutates mechanical life, showers of shrapnel-like ice needles and caustic windstorms. It's the most inhospitable environment imaginable, cloaked in near-absolute darkness, locked in the shadow of a giant planet that shields it from view. Few know it exists, fewer still have visited.

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