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PrometheusUnbound title

"Lookit me! Ah'm Megatron, snort, snort!"

The Maximals infiltrate Megatron's fortress, but are betrayed by their new friend.

Prometheus Unbound (Japanese title: The Monster's Awakening) (怪物のお目覚め Kaibutsu no o Mezame) is the third episode of second season of Beast Machines: Transformers, is the sixteenth episode of the Beast Machines: Transformers series and is overall the sixty-eighth episode of the Beast Era of the Transformers series. It is overall the one hundredth-sixty-sixth episode of the G1 Era of Transformers.


A giant Cybertronian moon passes (rumbles, actually) overhead. Noble howls at it, much to the consternation of the distant Maximals -- their new friend has run off yet again. Nightscream blames the team's treatment of the newcomer. Cheetor gently defends their actions as being for Noble's own good. "And ours," Rattrap adds.

Blackarachnia is vaguely unsettled by Noble; Rattrap is freaked out. Nightscream doesn't take this well, and storms off with Optimus in pursuit. Rattrap and Blackarachnia note unhappily that Noble is probably heading for "the same place as the last five nights."

Noble is furiously banging on the doors to Megatron's citadel when Nightscream and Optimus arrive; he transforms to Savage form when they confront him, then continues trying to claw his way in. A bunch of snaking cables worm out to attack Nightscream when he tries again to stop Savage -- and Savage knocks him out of their way. The cables envelope and constrain him, and the Maximals peel him free to find him back in Noble form.

Noble seems confused about how he got there, and says the Maximals should lock him away. But Optimus defends him, saying he saved Nightscream even in his Savage guise. Rattrap isn't buying it. Nightscream nastily puts Rattrap back in his place, saying he knows what it's like to be alone.

As usual, Optimus calms things down, focusing the team on finding the missing Sparks. The group prepares to infiltrate the citadel to look for clues. Noble wants to help, saying he's been drawn here for a reason, but Optimus refuses -- they're going to have enough to worry about. Nightscream supports Noble, but Optimus doesn't budge, and Nightscream storms off.

Rattrap plugs in and the doors slide open. Rattrap is restrained from rushing in by Blackarachnia, as Optimus reveals a destructive force field across the entryway. A quick shot to the control panel takes it out. Too easy -- this was the trap they were meant to find. The group enters... and Noble, some distance away after hearing the ruckus, turns and sprints through the doorway. A pursuing Nightscream follows just as it closes. Optimus is ticked off, but Noble says he couldn't help himself, and seems to be having trouble controlling himself.

As Rattrap begins a search for the security shut-off, Noble takes off running for the control room... and promptly steps on a floor sensor, activating a field of floating mines. The Maximals freeze, but just then Noble's eyes glow red, and he morphs back into Savage, setting off a string of the mines. KaBOOM!

The group groaningly gets to its feet, and Rattrap chews out Nightscream for dragging Noble along. They hear distant roaring, and split up -- Nightscream and Optimus hunt for Savage; Rattrap heads for the throne room, with Cheetor and Blackarachnia on backup. As the two groups proceed, both Savage and Noble watch from the shadows.

Nightscream hears Savage's roaring and takes off after him. Meanwhile, Savage change back to Noble and opens the doors to Megatron's throne room. "Success!" he says blissfully, as he sees Megatron's empty control harness. Noble begins leaping across the floating jigsaw puzzle bridge. He loses his grip on one, falling. Nightscream and Optimus arrive, and go after him.

Rattrap and company arrive a moment later, and stare at the drifting pieces of floating bridge. Cheetor and Blackarachnia go first and offer the less-mobile Rattrap assistance in getting to the harness. He plugs in, and the bridge assembles itself under their feet. Screens of data assemble before Rattrap. He begins searching, but everything's encrypted. Optimus encourages haste as he arrives with Nightscream and Noble -- and the latter's gentle meekness abruptly disappears.

Noble exults in being in the throne room, then spots Rattrap in the harness and immediately morphs to Savage. The Maximals realize he can control his changes. Savage blasts Rattrap out of the harness. Immediately, the bridge deconstructs and alarms go off. Tentacled Spark extractors slither out of the walls. The group (including Savage) makes quick work of them, and Rattrap gets back into the harness as Savage morphs back to Noble, standing next to the harness. Rattrap starts to thank him -- but Noble yanks him out by the tail and, in a dramatically backlit scene, tosses him away. He enters the harness himself, but nothing happens.

Noble realizes he can't interface while in an organic body. He leaps clear, grabs two Spark extractors, and applies them to... himself. A furiously burning orange Spark emerges, and the body collapses. The Spark enters the control harness, and shoots up the wires as Megatron's voice cackles: "Free... at last. Free at last!"

The Maximals charge outside to see the giant Megatron head now fully animated. As Optimus Primal realized that its Megatron, Megatron delightedly explains that "Noble" was just a ruse, his gigantic eyes glowing in synch with his words. Nightscream is crushed. Megatron explains further that when he was finally able to separate the organic material from his body, his spark went with it. His only hope to fix this was in his citadel, but he would been destroyed as an organic being. So he tricked the Maximals, especially Nightscream, into getting him inside. Now that the subterfuge has worked better than he hoped, Megatron declares that he will now "free" the Maximals from their organic bodies.

The big floating head fires a beam into the planet, and all systems come back on-line -- including the drone army, which storms to the attack. As the others fight them off, Rattrap opens up a panel, and Optimus orders a retreat. Nobody objects as the badly outnumbered group scurries underground.

The Maximals lament their faux victory. Nightscream is still shattered, and Rattrap offers his sincere sympathy.

Back in the empty citadel, Noble's eye opens, and he stirs with a growl...


Rattrap: Oh, again we gotta play dogcatcher?

Nightscream: Maybe if we try treating him less like an animal and more like a person, he wouldn't want to escape.

Cheetor: Maybe so, Nightscream. But until Noble learns to control his Savage side, we have to restrain him for his own good.

Rattrap: (to Blackarachnia) Not to mention ours.

—The Maximals discussing Noble's nightly escapes.

"I can't say why, but something about him gives me the creeps."

"Well, let me see. Is it his eyes? The hair? Or maybe it's his little tendency to keep turning into a giant, wigged-out, flesh-eating gila monster!"

Blackarachnia and Rattrap on Noble.

Rattrap: Eh, where do you think Fido's going this time?

Blackarachnia: Gee, let me think...the same place as the last five nights?

—Rattrap's not the only one who's talented at sarcasm.

"Are we unclear on the concept of 'no'?"

Optimus Primal

"Told you draggin' along the dragon was a mistake, but did you listen? Noooo!"

"Just shut your trap, rat, and get out of my face!"

Rattrap and Nightscream chide each other with wordplay.

(After Savage has escaped into Megatron's citadel).

Cheetor: We better find him before he destroys the whole place, along with any hope of finding those sparks.

Optimus Primal: We'll split up. Nightscream, you and I will hunt for Savage. Rattrap, head for the throne room and tap into the mainframe. Cheetor and Blackarachnia, watch his tail.

Blackarachnia: Oh, the glamorous assignment.

Blackarachnia continues to display her razor-sharp wit.

Cheetor: "Something's following us."

Rattrap: "Aw, man, I sure hope it ain't Savage."

Blackarachnia: "You better hope it is. Anything else is bound to be worse."

Rattrap: "Oh, brighten my day."

—The good news just keeps coming for Rattrap

"Must be the maid's day off."

Rattrap regarding the state of the citadel

"Hey guys, how do you like the new housecoat?"

"Frumpy, but functional."

Rattrap tries on Megatron's command harness and Blackarachnia gives her opinion.

Rattrap: (using Megatron's command harness) Nyeah, okay, let's see, uh hehe, got it, got it, get it, got it...

Cheetor: You searching for those missing sparks?

Rattrap: No, I'm reading the Sunday funnies... What do you think I'm doing?!

Rattrap hacking Megatron's database.

"Ok, who ordered the charbroiled rat?"

Rattrap after being blasted out of Megatron's command harness by Savage.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"Past experience?"

Blackarachnia and Cheetor

"Where's Noble? What have you done with his spark?!"

"There never was any 'Noble spark'."

"! He was my friend!"

"For an eternity, I slaved to free myself from the organic material contaminating my otherwise perfect technological body. I finally succeeded in separating the two, but my Spark remained with the wrong half—the organic half. I knew that the answer to curing myself lay inside my citadel—but as an organic beast, I could never hope to enter it and survive. Which is why I needed you…Nightscream. Naive. Headstrong. And utterly malleable. You proved the perfect pawn."


"And now in gratitude, I will free you from your organic bodies!"

Nightscream gets his heart broken, while Megatron prepares to break more than that.


Writers: Marv Wolfman (how appropriate)
Original Air Date: February 23, 2000 (YTV); August 26, 2000 (FOX)

Featured Characters[]

Maximals Vehicons Others
  • Rattrap (2)
  • Cheetor (3)
  • Nightscream (4)
  • Optimus Primal (5)
  • Blackarachnia (6)
  • Megatron (7)
  • Tank Drones (8)
  • Aero Drones (9)
  • Cycle Drones (10)
  • Noble (1)


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Savage/Noble is merely the organic components, which Megatron has been trying to purge from himself, and that when he finally succeeded, his Spark was trapped within.
  • Megatron manages to free himself from his "organic prison" and take control of the Grand Mal. Megatron as a giant head? Hmm... Seems fitting doesn't it?
  • The scene were Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Rattrap and Blackarachnia walk into Megatron's Citadel would be use in one of Box-Arts for the Beast Machines: Transformers The Complete Series DVD Sets.

Technical/Animation Glitches[]

  • A handful of noticeable clipping errors:
    • Blackarachnia's finger into her left boob as she says "something about him gives me the creeps".
    • Rattrap's hand through his ear as he makes a hair-stroking motion.
    • Rattrap's helmet into his tail after Savage knocks him over to Primal's feet.
    • Noble's claws through his left thigh upon entering the citadel.
    • And after donning it, the back of Megatron's helmet and its cables through Noble's entire backside.
  • Blackarachnia is shown zapping two of the spark extractors… although they don’t appear to be touching the platform that she’s electrifying.

Continuity errors[]

  • Blackarachnia says that Noble has been going to the Citadel for "the last five nights". In the next scene, Cheetor states that Noble's latest attempt to break into the Citadel, at the beginning of the episode, is "the fifth time" he's tried to do so. If we're to accept Blackarachnia's statement as true, then what Cheetor states is the fifth time should instead be the sixth time.
  • The Maximals don't revert to their beast forms as usual after being knocked out by the mines.
  • The Maximals are shocked that Savage/Noble possesses a spark because he's completely organic, but they believed him to be an ordinary Maximal who somehow wound up with an unusual organic body. The mystery here is why he turns from one organic form to another, but, being a Transformer, there was no reason to believe he didn't have a spark—without one, he couldn't have memories of his prior life.
  • Megatron's spark is depicted as bright orange, compared to the usual electric blue of (non-technorganic) sparks.
  • Quite a few things are amiss with Megatron's efforts to purge his organic side:
    • When exactly did he have time to do this? All his attempts to remove his beast mode in season 1 met with complete failure, and he certainly didn't have an opportunity from "End of the Line" onward, during which he still clearly possessed a beast mode.
    • We saw Megatron's body completely disintegrate in "Fallout". Yet now the organic side of that body has become Savage/Noble?
    • Where did the wolf form come from?

Transformers references[]

Real-world references[]

  • Prometheus Unbound is the title of an incomplete play by Aeschylus, which inspired a play of the same name by Percy Shelley. Both concern Prometheus, a character in Greek mythology who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humans; as punishment, he was cast into Hades and tied to a rock, where an eagle ate his liver every day. Megatron in Beast Machines seems to see himself as a figure akin to Prometheus, bringing the 'gifts' of freedom from organic matter, individuality, and consciousness; as well as technological perfection, to all of Cybertron. Up until now, he has been going to increasing lengths to purge himself of his own organic components, which he sees as a contamination of his mechanical purity; being trapped in a purely organic body as a result thus mirrors Prometheus's torment in Hades. The act of freeing his spark from Noble's body and bringing it to a purely technological existence is compared to Prometheus breaking free from his bond in order to confront Zeus. In Aeschylus's play, Prometheus and Zeus eventually reconcile; in Shelley's, Zeus is cast down, freeing humans and gods from his tyranny. Both of the endings foreshadow the final episode. Pretty deep for a cartoon about toy robots, huh?
  • Noble kicks off the episode by howling at the moon, befitting his werewolf-ish appearance.
  • Rattrap accompanies his access into Megatron's citadel with a jovial "Open, says me," a play on "Open Sesame".
  • Rattrap refers to the "Sunday funnies".
  • Cheetor makes a few jokes about sushi as he chops up the spark extractor.

Foreign localization[]

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