250px-Titan4.9 Project Mechanoid

So where's the arc reactor?

Project Mechanoid is one of MECH's projects attempting build a giant robot with Earth technology similar to a Cybertronian, the results are just spectacular.

Only one piece remains required to complete it: the human mind itself.


Titan Prime comic

"The Novo Incident"

MECH worked on Project Mechanoid in parallel with Project Chimera, continuing with the former project even when the latter was on hold. The last piece fell into place when Agent Novo found a neuron refractor in China and downloaded the schematic. As MECH set about building a duplicate refractor, Silas reassigned Novo to Project Mechanoid. The transfer soon took place, though the transfer was far from smooth, and once Novo's mind was in the robot body, he announced he was more than human and demanded Silas kneel before him. Though Silas and his men attempted to stop Novo leaving, he destroyed the base.

Known Products

  • Novo (later betrayed MECH)
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