Project Iacon is a plan initiated by Megatron, using the amnesiac archivist Orion Pax to decode encrypted Autobot archives for locations of relevant technology.


Knowing Optimus Prime would one day reach planet Earth and engage in the final chapter of the Great WarAlpha Trion sent several relics to Earth. He planned to send the database to the Ark, but the Decepticons stormed Iacon before he could launch the final Omega Key. He desperately placed the key into Smokescreen's chest and was seemingly killed later. The Decepticons acquired the database, but Alpha Trion had encoded the database so well, it would take hackers as great as Soundwave millions of years to even learn the code.

When Unicron was defeated, Optimus lost all memories after receiving the Matrix of Leadership, Megatron saw the recently returned Orion Pax as the opportunity to find out what the database held. Orion decoded three entries before his memories were returned, but these entries revealed the database contained the location of incredibly powerful relics.

When Trypticon was reawakened, he decoded four entries before being placed in stasis, this allowed Soundwave to learn how to decode the database. Ratchet was able to plant a virus into Laserbeak that beamed a copy of the database to the Autobot base. 

Eventually, the Star Saber was found among the relics and through it, Optimus learned of Project Iacon's true purpose and the Omega Keys. Eventually, the coordinates of all four Omega Keys were decoded, marking the end of Project Iacon.


List of Known Iacon Relics


  • Project Iacon contained 12 entries.
  • If Alpha Trion had survived, it is unknown what he would have done with the Iacon database.
  • This is the only project that seems to be complete of its work.
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