The Project Damocles is a United States military space weapons initiative to create a network of satellites in orbit around Earth, which would be able to target any location on the planet with solar-powered lasers. Its foreman was Colonel Leland Bishop, who later became Silas, the head of the terrorist organization M.E.C.H. following his discharge from military because of the severe risk that the project could inflict.


Right after merging with the corpse of Breakdown and killing his own men back at M.E.C.H. HQ, Silas steals back his weapon from the government base, and decides to use it to ensure an place with the Decepticons to turn the tide of the war in their favor. Fortunately, thanks to the help of Raf, who computer skills has caused the satellite to crash, the project has failed, and Megatron sentences Silas to be dissected for his failure, much to delight of Knock Out, who holds a grudge against Silas for dissecting Breakdown and using his body as his own.


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