People call him Professor Goring. We suggest you do, too. Because that's his name.

Professor Goring is a human in the Generation One continuity family.

Professor Goring leads a team of paleontologists at a dig site in Eureka, Nevada. He thinks his colleague Clive's excitement will be the death of him.

He's middle-aged, a bit portly, has glasses, and wears a green hat. (In other words, he's the guy on the right.)


IDW comics continuity

In 2006, Professor Goring's team uncovers the body of Shockwave, buried for countless years after a fight with the Dynobots. Spotlight: Shockwave In 2007, Goring returned to the site to find that the entire dig had been placed under official government jurisdiction, overriding their university sponsors. Escalation issue 5

Related characters

  • Clive points out the discovery of Shockwave's hand to Professor Goring. He needs to shave. He's the guy on the left. Later, he didn't know who the mysterious government agents were.
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