Professor Embrey is a human in the Earthforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Pants, check. Jacket, check. Bow-tie, check. Shirt...dammit!

Professor Embrey is a paleontologist who studies real live dinosaurs in the Savage Land. He's also quite handy with a wrench.


Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel UK future timelines

While studying the dinosaurs of the Savage Land, Professor Embrey chanced across the abandoned Dinobots' shuttle. Since an unknown disease was driving the dinosaurs mad and ultimately killing them, Embrey salvaged a control crystal from the shuttle's remains and used it to construct a healing machine. He also used the shuttle's weaponry to keep infected dinosaurs at bay. When the Dinobots returned in 1992 they were initially hostile towards Embrey since they needed the control crystal to try and help save Snarl from Corrodia Gravis, but he convinced them that if they took it his dinosaurs would die. Instead, they decided to transfer Snarl's mind into a Stegosaurus, and left him with Embrey. Destiny of the Dinobots!

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