Professor Blanieux is a human from the Masterforce portion of Generation One continuity.

"And the Nobel Prize for advancements in the field of Zombification goes to..."

Professor Blanieux is a Nobel-Prize-winning biologist from the Republic of Mont Porte.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Toshirō Ishii (Japanese)

Aware that Professor Blanieux was soon to attend a conference in Japan, the Decepticons sought to capture him and put his biological expertise to use in perfecting their Destroid creation process. They attacked several planes travelling from Mont Porte to Japan, but the professor was not aboard any of them, and the attacks only succeeded in attracting the attention of the Autobots. Interviewing the survivors of the plane attacks in Corsica, the Autobots met with Mont Porte's ambassador to Japan, who explained that Blanieux was taking a chartered flight to the conference that would stop over long enough to pick them up before carrying on to Japan. Autobots Metalhawk and Phoenix rode along for protection, but Decepticon Blood attacked the plane and drew them into a mid-air battle, leaving the professor vulnerable to the real attack—the flight attendant had secretly been converted into a Destroid. Fortunately, the Destroid was subdued by the Autobots' allies Shūta and Cab, and Professor Blanieux was able to attend the conference without further incident. Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet

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