Processors are devices which are used by the Transformers which process information and relate it to the individual mechanoid. Their increasing use in describing mechanoid anatomy (as opposed to attributing everything to circuits) can in some ways be attributed to the fact that writers within the Transformers franchise actually know how computers work now.

Processor types

Central processors

A Central processor is a Transformer's equivalent of a heart. Prowl once commented that Chip Chase was a human after his own central processor, so it must do something important. Roll For It

Lugnut in his fanaticism believed it in his central processor that Megatron was alive. Lost and Found

Cerebral processors

Cerebral processors (or brains) are devices which process the internal information that is going through a Transformer's mind. When Ratchet said that the Autobots will not leave without Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, the Autobot leader told Ratchet that such a thought would never have entered his cerebral processor. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

Core processors

Core processors are devices which process information and reality. Megatron noticed that the Key had altered Soundwave's core processor beyond what he had originally intended. Additionally, Bumblebee thought that Bulkhead may have taken a few too many hits to his core processor. Sound and Fury

Note: It is very likely, that Central processor, Cerebral processor and Core processor refer to one and the same processor which is equivalent to the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of a computer, which is the equivalent of a biological brain. As the name indicates, a computer can't function without a CPU, because it can't process its input information.

Logic processors

Logic processors process the information a Transformer is receiving and determine how much sense it makes. How these correlate with logic circuits is unstated. When Shockwave was attacked by the Dynobots, he shut down his logic processor and allowed a "rage" program to take control, letting him win the battle. Spotlight: Shockwave

After viewing the Ghost 1, Starscream became convinced that his logic processors were malfunctioning, even though nothing was wrong with them. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday

Note: Logic processors are most likely part of a Transformers Cerebral processor.

Meta processors

Meta processors are processors which process a Transformer's conception of reality itself. After his stint on the plasma baths of Thrull FFOD5, Galvatron's meta processor was seriously embrittled due to the amount of time he spent on Thrull. It also drove him completely psychotic, to the point where he alternated his time between violently attacking the Autobots and violently attacking his own Decepticons. The psychiatrists of Torkulon attempted to repair his damaged psyche through every available means (except actually replacing the damaged parts of the meta processor) and eventually decided to let Torkulon itself consume Galvatron's meta processor and madness. This actually turned out very badly for the Torkulons. Webworld

Vocal processors

Vocal processors (literal voice boxes) convert electronic data intended for verbal communication into audible signals and allow Transformers to speak to their comrades. Bumblebee's vocal processors were damaged in battle with Megatron. Although he was still able to communicate through a number of internal frequencies, his lack of a voice made the Autobot feel as though he was failing his comrades. How these correlate with oral circuits is unknown. Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday In close-ups of the Transformers with mouth open (no, not the dull surprise), a spinning metallic flat cylinder-kind of device is seen, which appears to be at least related to the vocal processor.

Internal processors

These were computers that held the consciousness of a Transformer. Prowl entered Omega Supreme and accessed his internal processor in order to free the giant Autobot from Megatron's control. However, Megatron was also present within the processor and attempted to stop Prowl before Omega Supreme took command once more and ejected Megatron from his controls. TransWarped

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