Generation One

  • God Primus (2004)
    • Accessories: Photon Eliminator, spoiler, 2 gun shields

Popemobile, meet Godtruck


The rod god, a/k/a "Rod Almighty"

Unbeknownst to many Western fans, the first Primus figure was a "Lucky Draw" toy in Japan, a vacuum metalized gold chrome recolored Rodimus Prime that was given away as a contest prize from the collector book, Transformers: Generations. Supposedly, only 100 pieces of these lucky draw figures were manufactured.
As a redeco of a Rodimus (no doubt inspired by the resemblance of his astral form to Rodimus in the UK comics), Primus transforms into a futuristic truck resembling nothing so much as a Winnebago. Following the trend started by Optimus Prime, his trailer splits down the middle to transform into a battle station with an extending double-barreled cannon. The figure comes with a large, hand-held blaster, and two blast-shield accessories that plug into the sides of his battle station cannon.
  • Primus (Supreme, 2006)
    • Japanese ID number: C-00
    • Accessories: Omega Lock, special silver Cybertron planet-type Cyber Planet Key
Cybertron Primus toy

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images.

Primus was developed by Hasbro and Takara as a toy for their joint Cybertron/Galaxy Force toylines, but was released in Japan in the Generation One line a few months after Galaxy Force had ended its run. This release can be considered a pre-release of the Cybertron toy because it features Hasbro's Cyber Key Codes that the Galaxy Force line lacked.
Primus is the first toy representation of the Transformers' creator as their home planet of Cybertron. In planet mode, he is considerably more detailed than Unicron from the Armada line, with visible cities, including Iacon, based upon its appearance in the DK Publishing book, Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, and Kaon as seen in The War Within. On the 'bottom' of the planet mode there are four hard rubber legs, molded to be shaped like towers, allowing Primus to be displayed in planet mode, yet not require a flat base as Unicron did.
Primus' transformation is unusual, in many ways similar to a Powermaster, in that he requires the owner to insert his accompanying Omega Lock accessory into several special ports around the planet, then manipulate it to unlock his parts and transform him. When the Omega Lock is inserted into his back and pushed, a transforming sound is heard. When it is inserted into his chest and pushed up to reveal his head, his eyes glow red and a laser-type sound effect is heard. The Lock itself lights up red when it is inserted into any of the ports.
In robot mode, Primus resembles both the Beast Wars Neo Unicron prototype as well as Don Figueroa's Primus concept, created for The War Within and used in The Ultimate Guide. He is bristling with weaponry, including two shoulder-mounted cannons that can fire missiles, two forearm blasters that raise and extend when a Cyber Power Key is inserted, and several banks of Gatling guns, lasers and missile launchers in his shins and legs revealed by the Omega Lock.
Primus also has what might charitably be called a third mode - an intergalactic world-ship, which is basically formed by transforming the figure halfway and leaving the head down and the legs backward. It features no dedicated parts or transformation steps, making it very obvious that it was created after the fact. It looks kind of like The Starship Enterprise...backwards.
Primus comes with two accessories, the aforementioned battery-operated Omega Lock that lights up red when inserted into any of the four Omega Lock ports, and a special silver Cybertron-Planet Cyber Power Key with the key code sp8u tampographed onto the back. Any four Cyber Planet Keys can be inserted into the four key slots at the base of the Omega Lock, though doing this does not activate any feature. There are also nine inactive Mini-Con powerlinx ports on the Primus figure, including two on the claws on his legs.
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