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The "Ancient Robot" is one of the Quintessons' "consumer goods" robots. He predates the robot rebellion that saw the aliens forced off of Cybertron, making him around twelve million years old.


The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Michael Bell (English), Osamu Saka (Japanese)

The Ancient Robot is the earliest documented bearer of the Matrix of Leadership, but how he came to hold the talisman, and his activities during the Quintesson occupation of Cybertron, are unknown. His sole appearance came when Rodimus Prime voyaged into the Matrix in 2005, where he was the first guide the Autobot leader encountered. The Ancient Robot related to him the story of the Transformers' creation by the Quintessons, and how they were endowed with sentience. He was succeeded as Matrix-bearer by the Powerful Robot. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4


  • This robot was never named in fiction. The designation "Ancient Robot" come from the dialogue script of "Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4".
  • The symbol stamped on the Ancient Robot's forehead is a "prototype" version of the Autobot insignia. Although this is the only place it appears in-fiction, the symbol was later released as a sticker with Overcharge.
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