With Primal Prime out of commission and the Vok incommunicado, Airazor and Tigatron are on their own.

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Primeval Dawn Part 3

Story and Script: Simon Furman
Pencils: Makoto Ono
Inks: Vince Russell, Chuck Gibson
Colors: Glass House Graphics
Letters: Simon Bowland
Post production and assist: Glen Hallit
Art Director: Dan Khanna
Originally published: Summer 2004


Planet Earth, 180,000 years BC... Primal Prime is in a trauma limbo after the forcible removal of the Matrix, suspended in a repair apparatus. Ramulus is ticked off in the wake of their defeat. Airazor and Tigatron leave to consult with the Vok; Ramulus mutters that he's not going to just sit around cooling his heels.

Primal Prime's mind drifts on another plain, speaking with the Vok. The aliens explain their origins as "a swarming mass of hungry instinct", until the Matrix granted them knowledge, understanding and purpose. They spread across the multiverse, seeding past, present and future. They have now sensed the rousing of the enemy, and had sought to create a champion to protect the Matrix -- but in doing so, unwittingly delivered it to the enemy's agents.

Tarantulas and the rest of said agents, meanwhile, are working on a Transwarp portal so that he can return to Unicron with the Matrix. Spittor's still ticked about abandoning the fight, and gets a shorp, sharp lesson from Ravage.

With part of their group consumed by Tarantulas, the Vok see no choice -- they must amalgamate themselves into an energy force that can rival the Matrix itself. Primal Prime is to be their vessel, whether he likes it or not.

On Earth, Tigatron and Airazor use the conjunction of their binary Spark to contact the Vok, but can't sense their existence at all. Airazor suffers some kind of painful glitch... and the base comes under attack from Tarantulas's troops. The pair scramble to react. Tarantulas, meanwhile, has nearly stabilized the transwarp portal.

At the Ark, Ramulus has gone AWOL, and the Predacons are forcing their way in. As Tigatron laments that they've been abandoned, the restored and Vok-empowered Primal Prime assures him that such is not the case...


  • The credits are listed for "Primeval Dawn 2", but the story included is "Primeval Dawn Part 3".

Items of note

  • This story was published as a backup story behind Disclosure, in Wreckers #3.
  • The final, fourth part of the story was never published, due to 3H losing its Transformers license. The story would have wrapped up the storyline, showing Airazor's mysterious disappearance, and (presumably) the remaining Maximals returning to Cybertron.
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