Primestrong is the combined form of Optimus Prime and Strongarm.


Version Unlock Cost (Energon) Unlock Cost (Ultra Sparks)
Crash Combiner 4000 80
Lunar Force Combiner 4000 80

Robots in Disguise mobile game

Primestrong was among the many Autobots available to repel an Insecticon invasion.


Robots in Disguise

  • Optimus Prime & Strongarm (Crash Combiners, 2016)
Crash Combiner Primestrong consists of two roughly between-Legends-and-Scout-sized Autobots: Optimus Prime and Strongarm. As part of the Crash Combiners series, others in the series may replace either Primestrong's torso or lower body, although presumably the new gestalt would not be called Primestrong. The stock photo is slightly mistranformed: Primestrong's feet can actually flip down.
  • Lunar Force Optimus Prime & Strongarm (Crash Combiners, 2017)
This Primestrong is a Blizzard-ish redeco of the figure above. In what this wiki assumes is an error, his scannable badge has the Decepticon insignia in the stock photo as opposed to the final product. However, the badge still can unlock the character.


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