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The big-game hunter Lord Chumley begins hunting Autobots, and he's gunning for Optimus Prime.

  • Japanese title: "The Target is Convoy"

Detailed synopsis

Over the Arctic, Oktober Guard One is flying an experimental jet, when it is suddenly speared by a submarine under the ice. She ejects, but the plane is captured. It turns out that the plane was stolen by Lord Chumley, a game hunter, who tells his manservant Dinsmoore that he needs one more thing to complete his collection...the head of Optimus Prime.

"Dinsmoore, I believe the Autobots are about to suffer a series of unfortunate events!"

Heading into town, Tracks and Bumblebee spot Blitzwing and Astrotrain and head after them. However, it is actually a trap set by Chumley. Back at the Autobot base, the Autobots are watching a soap opera which is interrupted by a news broadcast about the theft of the plane. Apparently, the Soviet Union is accusing the United States of America of the theft, which the U.S. denies, and the two countries are ready to go to war. Having not heard back from Bumblebee and Tracks, Prime orders to Autobots to search for their friends. However, Chumley has devised several traps for the Autobots and manages to capture Jazz, Beachcomber, Grapple, Blaster, and Inferno, the latter of whom sends a message to Prime about the capture. Not wanting to risk the others, Prime orders the Autobots to return to base.

And you thought Hasbro safety tests were tough.

While they regroup, Cosmos sends a message to Prime, saying that he's found the missing bots, who are being held in (poorly designed) traps intended to prevent them from escaping. Chumley himself contacts Prime and requests his presence. Pissed at seeing his friends tortured, Prime overloads Chumley's screen and orders the Autobots to remain at the base.

However, Megatron has been keeping an eye on the events and feels that Chumley, though a flesh creature, may be useful...especially since he's done more in two days than Megatron has done in two years, which Starscream takes the time to point out. Unaware that Chumley is only after Prime, Megatron sends Blitzwing and Astrotrain (surprise, surprise) to make a deal between Chumley and the Decepticons.

Arriving at Chumley's castle, Prime finds himself in a "well researched" mock-up of Cybertron. He unleashes a monster on Prime, but Prime is able to defeat it. Heading down a corridor, Prime finds a young woman imprisoned, but leaves. Blitzwing investigates, and gets trapped in a goo-net intended for Prime, much to Astrotrain's irritation. Finally, Chumley sends out a mechanical scorpion (no, not that one), but Prime is shot in the back by Astrotrain and apparently killed. Furious that his prize has been ruined, Chumley takes the Decepticons prisoner and defuses their energy weapons.

Blackarachnia's TF debut was not the most glamorous.

Knowing that Prime is alive, Bumblebee sends their coordinates to the Autobot leader, who enters the castle. A mechanical spider is dispatched, but Prime destroys it and heads into Chumley's control room. Dinsmoore hides in a tank while Chumley frees the Decepticons on the promise that they'll fight the Autobot. Instead Astrotrain and Blitzwing go after Chumley to "See how he likes being hunted." The Autobots are freed by Prime, and Blitzwing and Astrotrain retreat after realizing that they are unarmed. Chumley is left at the mercy of Prime.

The Autobots return the plane to the Soviet Union, with Chumley strapped to its nose. The world thanks Optimus Prime for his efforts in solving the mystery.


  • Stats

Notable quotes

News Announcer: "We interrupt 'As the Kitchen Sinks' for this special news bulletin."
Jazz, Blaster, Beachcomber and Grapple in unison: "Awwwwwwwww..."

-- The Autobots do not like to miss their soaps.

Megatron: "Whoever he is, he's brilliant for a flesh creature."

Starscream: "Specially since he's done more in two days than you have in two years!"

-- Starscream gets backhanded by Megatron.

"Amazing, a booby trap that actually captures boobies."

-- Optimus Prime says "boobies". Hehehehehehehehehehe.

"Bah! Impenetrable! Blitzwing, how do you get into these messes?"

-- Astrotrain, disgusted to find that Blitzwing is in yet another mess.

"What a shame. Don´t you know it´s dangerous to play with poison misses blackwidow?"

-- Optimus Prime after he defeated a giant blackwidow, which tried to use poison against him (which didn´t work out to well).

"Never trust Decepticons, flesh creature!"

-- Blitzwing explaining to Chumley the trustworthiness of Decepticons.

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • During the scene when Chumley contacts Optimus at the Autobots headquarters, Jazz and Inferno can be seen standing with Optimus even though earlier, both got captured by Chumley.

Continuity errors

  • When Bumblebee radioed Prime, the blades swinging at him strangely stopped doing so. Why would Chumley allow that?
  • When the reporter on television appeared to talk about tensions between the United States and Soviet Union when Bumblebee and Tracks arrived on the scene, John Stephenson does his voice, but when As the Kitchen Sinks is interrupted while the Autobots were watching, the same reporter is voiced by Frank Welker.
  • When Optimus frees the Autobots and goes after Chumley, Prowl and Bluestreak can be seen in the mob of angry Autobots.

Transformers references

  • Though a complete co-incidence, Grapple can be heard yelling, "HEY! Who designed this rattrap?!"
  • And in ANOTHER complete co-incidence, lord Chumley's greatest creation... Is a mechanical black widow spider.

Real-world references

  • Dinsmoore was apparently alive for the Second Boer War. At least, we're assuming it's the second one, since the first one happened in the 1880s. Which means that if he was alive and could remember that one, he must be some sort of super human.
  • Not only is the episode knee-deep in Cold War politics, but the newscaster references the lost plane as the highest point of US-USSR tension since the Cuban Missile Crisis.


  • Several of the Autobots are revealed to be fans of an Earth soap opera entitled As The Kitchen Sinks. Clearly, they've been away from Cybertron too long.
  • Optimus Prime is a "magnificent beast". Wasn't this already known by fangirls?
  • A reporter on TV mentions that Russia is blaming the US for theft of a top-secret military jet. If it's so top secret, how on Earth did they learn about it and where did they get the video footage?
  • When Tracks is captured by the trap and calls Bumblebee for help, Bumblebee instead transforms and tries to drive away. Uncharacteristic cowardice by the little fellow?
  • DOES INFERNO SAY THE F-WORD? Seriously, see 08:14.
  • After being spinned around in a tunnel, Optimus Prime broke Lord Chumley's console and monitor remotely by punching the camera in the tunnel.


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