The Prime Processing Unit is a Recyclon Combiner in the Generation One continuity.

The Prime Processing Unit is a vehicular gestalt composed of five of the Recyclons that when combined, can harvest raw materials and transform them into energon.

The vehicle may be formed by any of the following named Recyclons, or any number of other Recyclon teams traveling the galaxy under the mandate of the Harvest Lords of Sigrath

It is an unusual gestalt in that while it requires five Recyclons to form, it doesn't particularly matter which five are involved, save that one always has to remain behind to operate the machine. This is usually but not always the team leader. The Recyclons who targeted Junk were by no means unique, and all individuals of this faction appear to have an equal ability to form a component in the configuration.


Transformers Legends anthology

The Recyclon ship designated the Reclamation targeted the Junkion Homeworld of Junk for processing, coveting the valuable salvage that the planet had accumulated over centuries. The Prime Processing Unit was formed twice, each time in an attempt to begin processing the entire planet for conversion. However the second time it was interrupted before it could begin processing. Shortly after this, the Recyclons aboard the Reclamation were introduced to the slightly divergent Junkion concept of recycling. Collect and Save

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