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Prime Force One is a spacecraft used by Optimus Prime for transport between Earth and Cybertron.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

"Decepticon Island, Part 2"

Following the defeat of Steeljaw, Optimus Prime departed for Cybertron on the Alchemor to investigate the actions of the planet's governing body. 

"Mighty Big Trouble"

When the discovery of the Scavengers proved that Decepticon activity was still rampant on Earth, however, he delayed his journey to return to the planet, arriving at Denny Clay's scrapyard via Prime Force One just after Bumblebee had surrendered himself to Starscream. As it hovered over the scrapyard menacingly, the ship's tractor beam allowed Optimus to make a dignified-yet-determined entrance.


Following Starscream's defeat, the Decepticon and his hired bounty hunters, along with the Scavengers, were loaded onto Prime Force One in stasis to face justice on Cybertron, which Optimus admitted he hadn't yet reached before being recalled to Earth, as he had detoured to visit "some old friends" for assistance. The Dark Star Saber was also carefully secured for transport.

"Moon Breaker"

Optimus Prime later returned to Earth to recruit Drift to assist him in investigating corruption in Cybertron's governing council. As the Bee Team was in the process of preparing to travel to the Moon to retrieve one of Windblade's caches to keep it safe from the Stunticons, Optimus agreed to accompany them aboard his ship. After being intercepted by the Stunticons' ship, a space duel ensued; the Autobots were able to fend them off, Optimus Prime and Fixit departing to deal with a deorbiting satellite before both ships arrived at the Moon and landed. After a battle at the cache site, Menasor attempted to destroy Prime Force One, but was defeated by Ultra Bee. After returning to Earth, the Stunticons, along with the Bee Team's other recently captured Decepticon prisoners, were loaded aboard before Optimus and Drift departed for Cybertron aboard the ship.

"Enemy of My Enemy"

Optimus Prime and his team came to Earth to do the mission in battle against the Cybertronian invaders. And they started to deal with the invaders Bee Team came back to Cybertron on Prime Force One. And Steeljaw traveled with them to Cybertron.


  • Based on Optimus' itinerary, the ship may be a shuttle that was assigned to the Alchemor.