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The Prime Force is a group of drones from the Energon portion of Unicron continuity.

The Prime Force is a group of drones, consisting of Fire 1, Copter 2, Digger 3 and Submarine 4, who serve Optimus Prime.

Japanese name: Grand Force (グランド·フォース, Gurando Fōsu)


Energon anime

The Prime Force were always called upon by Optimus when reinforcements were needed before Wing Saber and later Omega Supreme served as more powerful substitutes.

It was during Megatron's Sword that the first Prime Force, at the hands of Scorponok, met Primus, and a new set debuted in The New Cybertron City.


The Prime Force, as it were, were either stored in Prime's trailer (included in the Energon toy Leader class Optimus Prime) or combined with Prime in an arm or leg mode in various configurations or connected on four special ports of the Optimus Supreme configuration.


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