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In his inner monologue, Megatron recounts how he began the war, not to conquer Cybertron, but to possess the All Spark. Despite Megatron's determination to gain the All Spark, Optimus Prime was just as determined to stop him, eventually jettisoning the All Spark into space and condemning Cybertron to death. Megatron muses that he and Prime are not all that different. Locating the All Spark on Earth, the Decepticon leader loses contact with it upon reentry. Heading to the north pole, Megatron crashes through the ice. Low on Energon and with his safety buffers exhausted, Megatron goes into stasis.

Millennia later, in 1897, the National Arctic Circle Expedition under Archibald Witwicky discovers something within the ice. Witwicky is driven blind and insane by what he sees, but his tales attract the interest of a group of spooks, who begin unearthing Witwicky's "Ice Man". Six years later, a Cube is discovered with symbols similar to those on the Ice Man.

In 2003, the Hubble Space Telescope tracks an impact on Mars. Sector Seven, hoping to find raw materials to exploit examine, plans to secure their new visitor.


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  • Yet another case of galaxy/solar system confusion, as Megatron claims he traveled across "countless solar spans, through myriad galaxies, nebulae and systems". That's a bit like saying "I've searched the whole city, through myriad planets, states and cities."

Items of note

  • Sector Seven's headquarters as seen on page 15 features several interesting artifacts, among them what looks like blueprints of a Cosmos-like flying saucer, a map of Skull Island from the Peter Jackson King Kong movie and a fragment of the Golden Disk inside a trophy case.
  • A Decepticon with a very similar body structure (identical it seems) to Longarm appears in Megatron's flashback blasting an Autobot.

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  • Cover A: Megatron in ice
  • Cover B: Decepticon symbol
  • Cover RI Uncolored sketch of cover A


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