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This article is about the 2007 movie's prequel comic. For the first Dreamwave G1 mini-series, see Prime Directive (Dreamwave).

What exactly am I?

Transformers: Movie Prequel, called Transformers: Official Movie Prequel on the covers and Prime Directive in solicitations, is IDW Publishing's four-issue comic series which serves as a foundation and backstory for the 2007 Transformers live-action movie. Two special one-shot issues, distributed for free in association with Target, were also published under the exact same name, at the same time, by the same company, with the same creative team; they are listed here as well.

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Megatron becomes obsessed with the search of the hidden AllSpark. He forms an army in order to capture it, while Autobots try to protect the artifact, eventually launching it into space. After the battle of Tyger Pax, Bumblebee's voice box is destroyed and Megatron leaves in pursuit of the AllSpark. His search of the Cube ends on Earth, where he crash lands in the Arctic and goes into stasis lock for millennia. In 1897, captain Archibald Witwicky discovers Megatron, which drives him insane. Years pass and Sector Seven hides Megatron in the Hoover Dam. The chase continues when Bumblebee, Starscream, Blackout, and Barricade arrive on Earth.

Creative team

Movie Prequel was produced primarily by the team that spawned The War Within and The Gathering: writer Simon Furman and penciler Don Figueroa. IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall also assisted with the writing.

Items of note

  • The series was originally released without a story title, as "Transformers Official Movie Prequel". The original working title, "Prime Directive" (which was also the title of the first Dreamwave Generation One mini-series and the working title of the movie's script), was included in the original scripts, and was also mentioned in early solicitations for the series.[1]
  • Two comics originally produced in cooperation with Target (later also collected as the Movie Prequel Special) were also both originally released under the title Movie Prequel, and tie in to the story of this series (although the later-released Target comic contradicts issue 4).
  • An animated version of this comic (with voice acting), named Beginnings, was included on a special bonus disc included with a Wal-Mart exclusive edition of the Movie DVD.