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"We are Primus. We are Prima. We are Prime Nova. We are Sentinel Prime. We are Optimus Prime." [1]

Prima? What? It's a manly name

Prima was the second Matrix bearer (after The Great Primon), as dictated by the Creation Matrix itself, and the first Transformer, or first prime born a Cybertronian after The Cybertronian Revolutionary War (against The Quintesson Empire) which freed all Transformers.[2]


The Transformers cartoon

For further information, see: Prima/The Transformers cartoon

Marvel Comics continuity



After Primus had imprisoned his and Unicron's astral forms in asteroids, he reshaped his new body into the planet Cybertron. From the material of this world was born the first Transformer, Prima. 12 others quickly followed, but Prima specifically was granted a font of Primus' lifeforce and power, the Creation Matrix.[citation needed]

An early battle with Unicron ended the life of many of the first Transformers, before Primus hid himself away in slumber from Unicron. It is not known what Prima's ultimate fate was, but Prime Nova is recorded as the next Matrix bearer.[citation needed]

It is uncertain what relationship Prima has, if any, to Primon, another early Matrix bearer.


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