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Prime decides to fake his death, but Megatron plans to make it all too real.

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 96-97
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Marvel UK issues #96-97

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Will Simpson (96), Jeff Anderson (97)
Lettering: Annie Halfacree
Colours: Steve White
Editor: Ian Rimmer

  • Originally published: 17th January 1987 – 24th January 1987


Following his return from the Limbo dimension, Optimus Prime is disconcerted that the Autobots were so lost without him that they were prepared to forge an alliance with Megatron in order to defeat Galvatron. Target: 2006 Afraid that they would be unable to cope if anything happened to him in the future he decides to test them.

He planned to convince the Autobots that he has died so that he can observe how they cope. Taking Wheeljack into his confidence he had a Facsimile Construct made of himself. He then tells the Autobots that he is going out alone on a reconnaissance mission to the Decepticon base, much to their consternation. He plans to destroy his duplicate and send a distress call to the Autobots who will arrive and discover his ‘body’.

Meanwhile Megatron was becoming increasingly paranoid about Optimus Prime, even attacking his own troops who dare to suggest that they will be able to defeat the Autobot leader. Alarmed by Megatron’s behaviour, Soundwave, who is acting as a double agent, working for Shockwave to overthrow Megatron, decides it might be time to remove Megatron for good. He persuades Megatron to called in the Predacons from Cybertron to weaken Optimus Prime so that Megatron can close in for the kill.

Sometime later while looking for a suitable place to set up his deception, Prime is attacked by the Predacons. Taken by surprise he struggles to throw off his pursuers. Gradually they wear him down until, exhausted, they corner him and close in for the kill.

Later, concerned that they haven’t heard from their leader the Autobots set out in search and discover his body torn to shreds.


  • It is very convenient that Optimus Prime should choose to go out alone at the exact time that Megatron concocts a plan that requires Prime to be alone.

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