The Mayor's Aide is a human in the Transformers Animated continuity family.

If you took away this picture's context, the Mayor sure looks like her pimp.

Whenever the Mayor Of Detroit needs some good PR, this gal's the one to call.

Young, female and very professional, she seems to have done well for herself. Even though she's little more than a glorified secretary, when you're that high-up in the power-structure of one the most pivotal city in the 22nd century automaton economy, you're clearly doing something right.

Presumably her duties include dealing with the fallout from the "never-ending-robot-wars" that are occasionally visited upon Detroit. Just another day in the office then.


Transformers Animated cartoon

The aide was presumably responsible for the mayor deigning to grace the voting public with his presence at a press conference held by Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime, thinking it was just a friendly photo-op (and when it comes to PR, you can't get much better than being the envoy of humanity to newly-arrived aliens). When they realized that Sentinel Prime was a jerk and was only there to condescend to them, she apologized for wasting his time. Return of the Headmaster


Despite only having a small fraction of her boss's screen-time, the Aide's sole line in the script puts her ahead of him in the dialog innings.

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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