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"You should of heeded my advice and faced me AS A BEAST!!!"
―Megatron to Predaking.
My pet

Megatron petting Predaking

Megatron & Predaking

Megatron & Predaking

Before his evolutionary breakthrough, Predaking was completely loyal and obedient to Megatron and followed his every command when it came to hunting and retrieving the mission objective, even traveling halfway across the world to reunite with Megatron on the Nemesis probably due to Megatron's obvious power, and the fact that Megatron showed respect towards the Predacon King and his creator Shockwave. Megatron occasionally repaid Predaking's accomplishments with patting him on the head. After Predaking revealed his ability to transform, he was still loyal to Megatron, but Predaking's rapidly increasing intellect made his master fearful of him, even setting up the Autobots to terminate Project Predacon for them. When Predaking learned of this, his loyalty turned to hatred enough to drive Predaking to attack Megatron head on and almost killed him, only to be beaten from a cheap shot from Starscream. This grudge still remained when Predaking was attacked by Unicron, possessing Megatron's body, and thinking it was Megatron Predaking attacked him, this time as a beast. However, Unicron was able to overpower Predaking in battle. In the end, Predaking teamed up with the Autbots and his two Predacon brethren to stop Unicron. Predaking may have forgiven Megatron and Megatron may have let go of his grudge against Predaking.


"Indeed. But the specimen you see before you was bred in the laboratory. Cloned from fossilized remains, which I discovered on Cybertron."
―Shockwave explaining Predaking.

Predaking's creator whom Predaking was shown little if any aggression towards. Before his evolutionary break through, Predaking was completely loyal and obedient to Shockwave, following his every command.

Dragon 013

Predaking and Shockwave

Despite this, Predaking and Shockwave have been seen together very little since his debut, though Shockwave eventually supported Megatron's notion to destroy Predaking and the Predacons when he demonstrated the ability to transform. Eventually in Predacons Rising, Shockwave was able to convince his Predacon creations to team up with the Autobots to fight Unicron.

Shockwave is like a father figure to Predaking.

Knock Out

Knock Out was present when Predaking transformed for the first time and while he didn't openly support Megatron's choice to terminate him and his kind, he did not object either. Knock Out appeared to be fearful of Predaking in both modes as he was quick to run upon seeing him in anger. Since Knock Out joined the Autobots he appeared to befriend Predaking as he fought alongside him against Unicron.


The Vehicons were often scared of Predaking's presence as a beast but when Predaking demonstrated more intelligence, observing the Vehicons transforming made the beast wonder if he could so such a thing too. all in the quest to kill Megatron and inadvertently become the reason why the Autobots managed to capture the Nemesis.

Optimus Prime

"Stand down Predacon!"
―Optimus to Predaking.
Optimus vs king


Despite being the Autobot leader and Predaking's enemy, the two have very rarely been seen together at the same time. However, when the two finally met personally acquainted Predaking demonstrated immense strength in both forms and almost offlined him. Predaking did seem to regard the Primes highly, and at least considered Optimus as the closest thing to a worthy foe the Autobots could ever throw at him. Optimus was the first Autobot to learn Predaking's name. After the events in Predacons Rising, Predaking seems to forgive Optimus and Optimus showed no hatred towards him.


Arcee encountered the Predacon while in Ultra Magnus' ship after picking up Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Miko. They escaped the beast and went to hide as they met up with the other Autobots, excluding Smokescreen and Optimus Prime. After Optimus returns in his new body, Arcee only fought the Predacon when she was with the other Autobots in the South Pole. In Predacons Rising, Arcee went with Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Smokescreen to search for Predaking. They tried to reason with him but he warned them to not disturb him again. Predaking returned later to help Arcee and the Autobots in their quest to defeat Unicron from destroying their world. Arcee seems to respect Predaking after that.

Ultra Magnus

Perhaps Predaking's true arch-enemy in the series, Ultra Magnus and the Wreckers have had the most encounters with the Predacon and were the first to engage him in the field in a lengthy dogfight and again in an underground cave. When Predaking did transform, Predaking almost destroyed Magnus by crushing his right hand to pieces and destroying Magnus's hammer. Predaking seems to respect Magnus as a worthy foe.


Wheeljack and Bulkhead were the first to encounter the Predacon thanks to Wheeljack's spilled Energon at his escape from Darkmount which Predaking tracked. It was also Wheeljack who detonated the grenade that destroyed Shockwave's lab and the entire Predacon army, sending Predaking into such a rage that he almost killed Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus. Wheeljack was also the first to engage Predaking in his new robot mode. 


He and Wheeljack were the first to encounter Predaking and have almost been killed in all their encounters with the beast. Bulkhead was very wary of Predaking's presence as seen when he, Arcee, Smokescreen and Bumblebee found him on Cybertron but later accepting him as an ally when fighting Unicron.


"Your high and mighty leader wanted your Predacons exterminated."
―Ratchet to Predaking.
Ratchet reveals to Predaking

Ratchet tells Predaking the truth

Once he completed for the Decepticons the Synth-En formula with the Autobot base as leverage, Predaking was given Ratchet to make up for his failure to terminate Optimus. However upon Ratchet revealing Megatron's betrayal, Predaking actually stopped attacking him to listen and quickly came to believe him. He seems to have some respect for Ratchet due to his honesty and engaged in civil conversation.


"So help us prove what Megatron was never willing to. That more than one race can peacefully coexist on our planet."
―Bumblebee's proposal to Predaking.

Bumblebee approached Predaking after the appearance of Skylynx and Darksteel for assistance in finding them to stop the Decepticons, but also extended the hand of hospitality for Predacons to live alongside Autobots. After Predaking graciously allowed an audience for the Autobots. Though Predaking refused at first, he appeared to change his mind later as he helped the Autobots defeat Unicron, killed Starscream and didn't betray them later. Predaking and his two Predacon brethren may have fulfilled Bumblebee's hope, of living on their home with peace.


Skylynx met Predaking after the latter returned to the Predacon burial site. Skylynx seemed to have more respect for Predaking (most likely due to his higher intelligence than Darksteel) but refused to follow him, after giving one order. After Predaking proved stronger than him in both modes, he obediently followed.


Darksteel met Predaking after the latter returned to the Predacon burial site. Darksteel, as usual, took Predaking's serious words as an opportunity to laugh. Like Skylynx, he refused to follow at first but was convinced after being beaten.



Predaking clashed strongly with the first Prime during his first life. Both were strong leaders dedicated to their people and eventually fought with Predaking losing. This most likely left Predaking with hatred for the Prime which only increased when he left him to burn in the flames of the Great Cataclysm though the Covenant of Primus does not state that Predaking blamed Prima for the death of the Predacons.


" I am not here to seize thrones, Starscream, but to settle scores..."
―Predaking to Starscream.

Even from the beginning Starscream and Predaking did not get along, mainly due to Starscream's hatred towards Predaking's creator, Shockwave and the fact that Starscream insulted him. When put in charge of Predaking, Starscream would often use an Energon Prod to get Predaking to heed his commands, despite Starscream being terrified of the beast which, combined with the fact that Starscream lacks brawn led Predaking to not have any respect for the 2nd in Command of the Decepticons. However a resentful Predaking would often just strike him back as a result, even tackle him as a beast. When he transformed, Predaking even threatened to kill Starscream if the treatment continued thus ending the wounding of his pride. However Starscream would continue his wounding, literally as a cheap shot from him caused Predaking to lose his fight against Megatron. But Predaking never forgot the wounding as much later with Darksteel and Skylynx he takes his vengeance upon Starscream.


During Predaking's search for his two brothers he encountered Unicron, who was possessing Megatron's body, he immediately assumed that it was Megatron and instantly attacked. However, after being defeated by his godly powers, he seemed to realize that Megatron was possessed and with his brothers, teamed up with the Autobots in order to defeat him after he transformed the remains of his ancestors into Terrorcons.

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