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The name or term Predaking refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Predaking (disambiguation).

"I present to you, my liege, the ulimate Autobot hunter."
―Shockwave about Predaking
"Strike me again and i will bury that rod into your spark [..] I am no beast"
―Predaking to Starscream after transforming and his very first voice lines.

Predaking is the first Predacon that Shockwave created.


Prime cartoon[]

During his exile on Cybertron, Shockwave resumed work on a long-dormant project revolving around cloning a Predacon from fossilized remains. Eventually, the protoform he created became the Predaking, which he brought to Earth via Space Bridge after reestablishing contact with the Decepticons, to hunt down the scattered Autobots. Scattered Shockwave held a sample of energon from Wheeljack to the Predacon's eye and it took off after scanning it.

Predaking then tracks down and attacks Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Miko (who mistakes him for a dragon, much to the Autobots' confusion) using a sample of Wheeljack's Energon. Though Wheeljack traps him in an explosive-laced Energon Mine, Predaking emerges unharmed and chases them yet again only to be warded off by Ultra Magnus' ship. Predaking gives chase and nearly sends the Autobot ship careening out of the sky only to be again defeated. Wounded, Predaking makes his way back to Megatron's fortress where Shockwave sees to his wounds. Starscream then laments that Predaking cannot speak and therefore cannot tell his superiors why he failed which angers the silent Predaking who angrily growls quietly. Prey

Predaking is unleashed again in defense of Darkmount against the Autobot assault. Chasing after Ultra Magnus' ship, Predaking is tricked into a Space Bridge to the arctic where he freezes. Rebellion

Predaking later frees himself from the ice and finds his way to the Nemesis. Megatron has Starscream take command of Predaking. Starscream tries to get Predaking to go into his kennel and ends up nearly burned. Starscream tries to use the Apex Armor to get Predaking back into the ship which doesn't go well, with Predaking humorously beating Starscream around like a chew toy. Starscream is then ordered by Megatron to lead Predaking to one of the Decepticon excavation sites when the Vehicons there haven't reported back.

Predaking attacks Bulkhead, Wheeljack, and Ultra Magnus at the excavation site. While Miko climbs to safety, Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead, and Wheeljack fight Predaking until an attempt by Wheeljack to bomb him goes horribly awry. Predaking escapes out of the rubble and finds a sphere that is a Predacon fragment, which he brings to Starscream after experiencing a suppressed memory. Megatron then orders Starscream into having Predaking bring him the Predacon fossil while Starscream deals with the Autobots. Predaking then leaves to deliver the Predacon fossil to Megatron. Chain of Command

Starscream later accidentally irritates Predaking, as it damaged the ship's communication dish, causing an extended communications blackout. While Starscream attempts to repair the damage, Predaking watches intently quickly learning how the Decepticon computers work. Predaking is then seen accessing some controls on the deck of the ship to look into the Project Predacon files, revealing his growing sentience. Plus One

After the incident involving the combination of Synthetic and Dark Energon that created vampiric Terrorcons, Megatron, in dire need of more troops, ventured to Shockwave's off-site lab where he saw the other Predacons that Shockwave was incubating. Unbeknownst to both Megatron and Starscream, Predaking followed them down into the lab. Once Starscream became aware of Predking's presence he became angry and beat Predaking in the face with a metal rod. Outraged, Predaking demonstrated his ability to transform and informed Starscream that any further attempts at abuse would not be tolerated.

As Predaking examined the incubators containing his fellow Predacons, Starscream and Megatron expressed their surprise to Shockwave regarding the Predacon's ability to transform, to which Shockwave points out that all CYbertronian species have the potential, but there was never evidence that the Predacons had done so. Pleased that he would no longer be alone, Predaking apologised for keeping his intelligence a secret, having only recently realised that he could change form like other Cybertronians. After relocating to the warship, he expressed his gratitude for his creation, and requested that he be allowed to lead the Predacon forces for the Decepticon cause when they were ready, and then gave himself the name Predaking.

Megatron, recognising in Predaking the growing ambition he had once had, and fearing what would happen once the other Predacons were ready, conspired with the other Decepticons to allow the Autobots to locate the laboratory and destroy the Predacons, knowing that Predaking would in his fury attack the Autobots, resulting in the demise of either. Once the first stage of the plan was underway, Predaking offered to defend his fellow Predacons, but arrived too late, as Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus had already set the lab to detonate. Outraged, he attacked the two Autobots, though he was initially at a disadvantage due to being unused to fighting in robot form, but his natural hardiness and brute strength eventually won out. After destroying the Forge of Solus Prime and breaking Magnus' right hand, Predaking prepared to finish them off, only for Optimus to arrive and flee with them. Afterwards, with no Predacon remains able to be recovered, Megatron gave Predaking false consolation that they would avenge the loss of his kind by wiping out the Autobots. Evolution

Minus One Persuasion Synthesis Deadlock Predacons Rising


File:Predaking Prime Beast Hunters Voyager Class.jpg

My armor is like tenfold shields. My teeth are like swords. My claws spears! The shock of my tail - a thunderbolt! My wings - a hurricane! And my breath - death!

  • Predaking (Voyager, 2013)
  • Predaking (Ultimate, 2013)