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"Predaking: Strike me again, and I will bury that rod into your Spark!
Starscream: The Beast transformed!
Predaking: I am no beast."

―Predaking's first lines.
"I am not your boss. I am your king!"
― Predaking asserting his authority to Skylynx and Darksteel. [src]

Predaking is the first living creature of Project Predacon. The Predacon was cloned, by his creator Shockwave, from the fossilized remains of his original body. At first, The Predacon was a primitive hunter, who lacked the ability of speech and seemed to lack higher intelligence. But the Predacon's intelligence began to increase after spending some time with the Decepticons. The Predacon eventually achieved the ability to transform, naming himself "Predaking." As a bot, he was loyal to Megatron, but grew somewhat ambitious and a bit boastful of his abilities, something Megatron has become fearful of. Predaking's level of intelligence caused Megatron to terminate Project Predacon in order to prevent potential mutiny but kept Predaking around as their prime asset for fighting Autobots, until Ratchet told Predaking the truth causing him to immediately turn on the Decepticons before being knocked out the air-lock by Megatron. Predaking then saw himself searching for his two new brothers Skylynx and Darksteel and forming an alliance with the Autobots for the fate of Cybertron against the clutches of Unicron.

Predaking has proven he is the strongest Transformer that currently exists, defeated only by Unicron himself. Predaking currently lives on Cybertron with his Predacon brethren Skylynx and Darksteel alongside the Autobots proving that, despite Megatron's old beliefs, more than one race can co-exist peacefully live on their revived planet

After Unicron's defeat, Predaking and his two Predacon brothers came to Darkmount to exact their revenge on Starscream.


Pre-Historic Origins []


A second Predacon clone that looks like Predaking can be seen among this group of Predacons

The Predacon lived at least once, maybe twice before the events of the TV series. At the dawn of Cybertron's beginning (after Primus and Unicron's confrontation) the original Predaking walked among the other Predacons. He was however, savage with little care for all that were not Predacons. His kind preyed on the smaller, weaker Cybertronians for amusement and nourishment. This brought him into conflict with Prima and eventually they fought with Prima winning and Predaking swearing to never interfere with Prima's kind and Prima promising the same. Prima was, unfortunately very true to his word and left Predaking and his followers to die in the Great Cataclysm. Predaking ordered his kind to flee but soon realized they could not escape by flying and attempted to reach the underground for shelter. If Predaking did not die then, the resultant fallout slowly killed him. Later during the Autobot/Decepticon war for Cybertron the original Predacon was cloned along with other Predacons by Shockwave and sent to Earth to wipe out Autobot forces and guard the Energon reserves. During this time the humans discovered their existence and became one of many inspirations for human mythologies in their case the myth of dragons, and griffons. However the time waiting for Megatron to arrive the Predacons passed away from the passage of time or more likely a lack of Energon and their bones (micro-chipped) were left buried under rocks.

Third Creation[]

Predaking 31

Predaking Awakens

During Shockwave's exile on Cybertron, the Predacon was cloned once again from the remains of the original. When the scattered Autobots begun to reunite due to Starscream's incompetence, Shockwave activated the Predacon on Cybertron. Using an Energon sample from Wheeljack Predaking located him.


Dragon 009

The Predacon fighting Wheeljack and Bulkhead

The Predacon was taken to Megatron by Shockwave from his lab and presented as the ultimate Autobot hunter. He succeeded in intimidating the Vehicons and even two of Megatron's highest-ranking officers. The Predacon examined some of Wheeljack's spilled energon under the direction of Shockwave and soon took to the skies, intent in locating and killing him. Wheeljack and his fellow Wrecker Bulkhead had planned to cause an explosion of energon in order for the other Autobots to come to their location. The two soon spotted the Predacon as he arrived and launched a fire ball at them.

Dragon 013

The Predacon returns after failing his first mission

After missing the two, the Predacon moved in to attack them head-on. While it held off Wheeljack, Bulkhead turned it's attention when he attacked it. Easily tossing him aside, the Predacon turned it's eye to Wheeljack again and followed him into an energon mine. After Wheeljack drove out, he detonated a bomb inside, believing he had blown the Predacon to smithereens. the beast soon revealed himself to have survived after he came from the rumble. After the Autobots were given reinforcements, the Predacon took chase after them and attempted to blow the Autobots out of the air. It sustained many of the ship's defenses and soon fell victim to getting bashed around as it was on top of the ship before finally being disposed of by being hit against a rock slide and digging it's way out. Back with the Decepticons, they learned of its loss. Starscream made fun of the Predacon, calling it mute and mindless, not noticing it glaring at him.

Deep Freeze[]

Dragon 003

The Predacon is frozen

The Predacon would later be lured into a trap during the assault on Darkmount as he chased Ultra Magnus' ship. Before he could destroy Ultra Magnus, the Predacon was sent to the Arctic Circle via Ground Bridge, where like the Scraplets, the subzero temperatures were able to freeze him instantly. He would remain in stasis for some time until his heat core was able to melt the ice on him and he flew off to the Nemesis.


Dragon 037

The Predacon attacks Starscream

The Predacon would later be placed under the command of Starscream, much to his and Starscream's chagrin and would endure Starscream's abuse for a time. He would later be sent on a mission to retrieve Predacon fossils in Scotland. It was through this incident that the Predacon began to learn about his origins and gain more intelligence. After acquiring the Predacon bone the beast engaged Miko wearing the Apex Armor for fun, but when told to return to base with the bone, the dragon snatched it from Starscream, demonstrating his aggressive feelings towards Starscream before taking off with the bone.

Back aboard the ship Megatron congratulated the Predacon for his efforts before consulting with Knock Out on Project Predacon, which the beast took notice of before being attacked by Starscream. The Predacon out of rage attacked Starscream, but destroyed the communications dish. After it was completed, the Predacon used the computer on it to learn more about his past.

Beast No More[]

Predaking 2

Predaking's robot mode

As Project Predacon was nearing its completion, he surprised everyone, including Megatron, by transforming into a robotic form and demonstrating his intelligence. The Predacon then informed a skeptic Megatron that he only recently discovered his ability to transform after much research. Later on the Decepticon warship the Predacon vowed his loyalty to Megatron but requested to lead the Predacons themselves with the name Predaking.

Despite pledging his loyalty to Megatron in gratitude for his creation, the Predacon and his kind were seen as a threat to the Decepticon leader. Due to the fact that Predaking was more than a match for any number of Autobots, (or even Decepticons), Megatron surmised that the former beast and his kind would eventually turn on their masters. On the advice of Starscream, Megatron allowed the Autobots to discover the location of Project Predacon, with the intention that they would wipe out the Predacon clones, and even Predaking himself.

Ultra Magnus and Predaking

Predaking fights Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack

Though Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus were successful in destroying the clones, Predaking soon arrived and saw the result which enraged him to attack directly as a robot. Despite the combined efforts of Magnus and Wheeljack, using the Forge of Solus Prime and even dropping a giant rock on him, Predaking was able to overpower the two in no time, even breaking the Forge with his hands. They were barely able to escape Predaking's wrath with the timely arrival of Optimus Prime. Predaking tried to pursue, but the Autobots Ground-bridged away just in time. At this point, Predaking was unaware of Megatron's treachery and swore revenge on the Autobots.

Dragon 096

Predaking becomes enraged after the demise of his brethren

Transformers Prime (Beast Hunters) Optimus Prime vs Predaking

Optimus Prime vs Predaking

Later when Megatron planned to re-create the Omega Lock, Predaking requested that when done so, Megatron focus on the re-creation of the entire Predacon race for Predaking to lead in a combined alliance against the Autobots, swearing his loyalty to him. However, he was unaware that Megatron had no intention of doing so. Later Predaking was called to service again when Shockwave was gathering supplies at a human base in the North Pole for the Omega Lock. Predaking as a beast appeared to battle the Autobots, but only ended up battling Optimus Prime while the others pursued Shockwave. After a long and lengthy fight Predaking had Prime at his mercy, but was ordered by Megatron to assist Shockwave, helping him escape with the device they sought. Predaking quickly dispatched Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Arcee as he escaped with the device and Shockwave back to the Nemesis.

The Truth / Rebel on Warship []

Ratchet reveals to Predaking

Ratchet tells the truth to Predaking

When the Autobot, named Ratchet, was captured to aid in the Omega Lock's creation, Predaking requested permission to terminate him, but was refused as the Autobot was key to Cybertron's restoration, but was promised to have Ratchet once his services were no longer required. As promised, when Ratchet finished his work, he was handed over to Predaking who tossed Ratchet around like a chew toy. During this time, Ratchet, who was a little injured, told Predaking the true circumstances behind his brethren's demise which enraged Predaking enough to let Ratchet go and begun attacking Vehicon troopers all over the warship, clearing the way for Ratchet to contact the Autobots for their final attack. Eventually Predaking found Megatron and engaged him directly. Predaking proved to be more powerful than Megatron, but a cheap shot in the back from Starscream allowed Megatron to chuck Predaking against the airlock release. Megatron opened it and blasted Predaking out of the warship, which sent Predaking out into the clouds.

Arrival on Cybertron / Encounter with Unicron[]


Predaking arrives on Cybertron

It was assumed by the Decepticons that he had perished at that time as they prepared for the Autobot assault on the ship. However, Predaking had in fact managed to grab onto the ship's hull as the Autobots and Decepticons battled in which Megatron was finally killed, and the Autobots used the Nemesis Omega Lock to restore Cybertron's core. Once this was done, Predaking lets go of the ship and flew off into the distance as the other Autobots watched. 


Predaking about to come to blows with the Autobots

Predaking took refuge at the site where the Predacons died eons previously. The shifting of plates had revealed their fossils and he stood watch over them. The Autobots showed up at Predaking's home and told him that there were two other living Predacons on Cybertron and asked for his help in tracking them and to united the Autobots and Predacons but he refused, having not forgiven the Autobots for destroying the previous batch of Predacon clones on Earth and threatened to kill the Autobots if they were to ever to stray into his refuge again. However, Predaking set off during the night to locate his brother Predacons, which he learned that the Autobots were telling the truth about other Predacons existing.

Predaking found an area where his brothers clearly had been, but the trail was cold and he realized that trying to track them would be useless. So he transformed into beast mode and unleashed a fireball into the sky in the hopes of attracting them. His beacon was useful, but the only arrival proved to be Megatron, in a new body controlled by Unicron

IMG 2222

The Predacons engage their Terrorcon Predacon ancestors

Unicron tried to recruit Predaking under his command, but Predaking thought it was Megatron. Predaking transformed into his beast mode and began attacking aggressively. Predaking remembered Megatron's advice of facing his true enemy as a beast. Unicron used his godly powers to put a halt to Predaking's attack. He then peered into Predaking's mind and discovered a cemetery of Predacon fossils. When Predaking regained consciousness he set off for the grave site only to discover they had been taken by Unicron and twisted into undead Terrorcons but discovered his new brothers Skylynx and Darksteel. Predaking tried to recruit his brothers to fight Unicron, but they refused resulting in a brawl between them. After a short fight, (during which they had the upper hand, until he transformed into beast mode) he defeated them, and they swore loyalty to him. Shockwave, who suddenly appeared, congratulated all three of his creations, but suggested they should fight their enemy and not each other. Predaking led the two against the undead Predacons and killed a substantial number.

IMG 2224

The Predacons put aside their differences and join the Autobots in the war against Unicron

When the Nemesis crashed they stood by the Autobots to defend Cybertron. They tried to defend the Well of All Sparks against the undead, but were pushed in by sheer force. When Unicron was defeated the three Predacons stopped falling inches from the core. Once the conflict had ended, they flew off to Darkmount where Predaking took his revenge against Starscream with his two subjects off screen.

Physical Appearance[]

Predaking's Beast Mode is that of a large mainly dark red and black, robotic dragon with wings for flight, claws and fangs for close-combat, a tail that can whip about at high speeds to knock away Autobots (or Decepticons), as well as damage anything within its range and use the blade-like projections on the tail to cut into enemies Predaking's wings reach about two football fields at length and their membranes are orange on the underside but reddish black on the upper half. His color scheme is like that of a campfire. His snout is short and his lower jaw can separate and move like a stag beetle's jaws. He also has a pair of jaw like tendrils coming from his cheeks that can help to grip prey. His lower jaw has a pair of tooth-like projections jutting out front which interlock with the cheek tendrils when the mouth is closed and he has another pair of tooth-like projections in between the tendrils and the upper jaws.

Dragon 061

Predaking's dragon mode

In Robot Mode, Predaking is somewhat smaller than his beast mode but larger than both Megatron and Optimus Prime and his scales act as built in body armour, making him highly resistant to blaster fire and impacts. His shoulders are adorned with large spikes, as his back and head. His wings also appear to be present on his back, and are as mobile as Starscream's in Robot mode. He has enormous brute strength and his clawed hands are deadly weapons in close-quarters. No Cybertronian have been able to overpower Predaking in terms of brawn, which makes him the most physically superior Cybertronian, even compared to the other Predacons, Skylynx and Darksteel.

Powers and Abilities[]


Cybertronian/Predacon Physiology: Predaking is a member of the Predacons an ancient predatory race of Cybertron. This makes him more stronger than the most other Cybertronians Predaking has been able to defeat every Autobot, and Decepticon, he has encountered. Clearly he is the most physically powerful Cybertronian in the series besides Primus, Unicron and Megatron.

  • Predacon Speed,Endurance and Agility: Predaking's speed and endurance is also perhaps his greatest weapons. Surprisingly fast and agile, he have manged to dodge attacks on certain occasions. Nonetheless, his most potent power seems to be his ridiculous endurance, withstanding any attack in both Robot and Beast mode. Only once have he lost a battle and that was when fighting a literal god, Unicron.
  • Predacon Strength: With his monstrous strength, he was able to defeat all of his opponents despite lacking combat experience. For instance in his fight with Optimus Prime, after being outmaneuvered by the veteran Bot, he grabbed his arms and made the Prime's unable to surpass the Predacon's strength. He was strong enough to break the Forge of Solus Prime in two with his bare hands and beat up Megatron (shown to be strong enough to overpower him in close combat), something very few characters have been able to do. He was also able to lift and entire rock 10 times his size and ram it into Wheeljack and crushed Ultra Magnus's hand with his foot. Predaking also seems to have powerful hand muscles as he managed to stay gripped to the Nemesis during the entire climax battle between Autobots and Decepticons, with the exception of Unicron himself.
  • Predacon Durability: Thanks to his Body armour he is more durable than most Cybertronians. His metal scales make him extremely durable being able to survive being buried alive by massive rocks and withstanding blaster fire and various other weapons. He is more resistant to impacts and he was able survive blaster shot from Megatron's blaster.
  • Transformation: As a Cybertronian Predaking has the ability to transform his body. He, as a Predacon, transforms into the Dragonlike creature instead of a vehicle like the other Cybertronians.
    • Flight: In his Dragon form Predaking is able to fly at high speeds thanks to his masive wings.
    • Fire Breath: In his Dragon form Predaking is able to project highly-intense bursts of explosive flames from his mouth of which Predaking was seen killing numerous dozens of Terrorcons with a single blow.
    • Stasis Breath: He can also fire a Stasis Beam from his mouth according to the Covenant of Primus.
  • Claws: His claws are sharp, deadly and dangerous weapons.


  • Master Combatant: Although Predaking has no formal combat training he fights with an incredible amount of ferocity and endurance. This was how he defeated Optimus Prime, as he was outclassed in terms of skill. Yet, Predaking's resilience proved advantegous, and after a well placed flip kick, the Autobot leader was down.
  • Hunter: He can track down any prey by scanning a sample of Energon or by using his homing instincts.


  • Fire Cannons: He is armed with two fire cannons one on each arm



Predaking and his brethren take revenge on Starscream

Predaking's original personality in his original life was very ruthless and brutal. He had no qualms about allowing his minions devour other Cybertronians and even sometimes killed them himself. This led to a serious rivalry with Prima, as his loss to him and his abandonment by the Cybertronians to die in the flames of the Sun left him with a severe hatred of all Cybertronians in death.

When resurrected via cloning, the Predacon displayed only a limited amount of intelligence and was unable to speak. However his intelligence as a beast quickly grew from even learning how to access a computer before learning how to transform. Predaking has extreme confidence in his own abilities to the point of arrogance. Unfortunately for the Autobots, his confidence is well founded as Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack discovered first hand as they were defeated by the seemingly unstoppable Predacon. Even Optimus Prime was unable to stop Predaking's rampage. His driving goal is the restoration of his kind and to this end he had sworn complete loyalty to Megatron as he believed that he is the one that could make that goal a reality, before discovering his leader's treachery. After which Predaking grew a deep hatred and was willing to kill every Vehicon in his path before taking Megatron head on.

Predaking has shown that while he can be an unstoppable killing machine, he is very intelligent and is never seen to use contractions. He has shown the attitude of a warrior and welcomes any opportunity to fight Optimus Prime, who he seems to regard as his only physical equal. However, as he refers to Optimus only as "the Prime" it is possible he bases this on the assumption that Optimus is as powerful as the Thirteen, rather than Optimus' actual fighting abilities. Due to his young age, (if flashbacks between Out of the Past and Scattered are accurate he is roughly 5 years old) he is quite naive and was unable to anyalze the situation that led to his clone army's death due to his rage before Ratchet helped him.

Despite Predaking's hatred for both Autobot and Decepticon, Predaking does seem to have the common sense to team up with the winning side when the stakes are high as he gave a death threat to Bumblebee and the Autobots, but later teamed up with them against Unicron. However, Predaking does not seem to forgive or forget as he blames both the Autobots and Decepticons for terminating his brothers, and even takes revenge on Starscream for the wounding of his pride. Despite this however Predaking seems to have forgiven the Autobots as he wasn't seen betraying them and possibly fulfilling Bumblebee's wish of Autobots and Predacons living on Cybertron together. Another side to his personality is that he is willing to defend his fellow Predacons with his life, something a true king would do. His implied anger at the Autobots in Persuasion leaves the question open however though whether he truly forgave the Autobots.


Transformers Prime Season 3: Beast Hunters:

TV Movie []


  • Predaking is the second antagonist who is stronger than Megatron, after Unicron (making Predaking one of the strongest of Cybertronians in the series).
    • On that subject, Unicron himself is the only character that Predaking was not able to defeat as seen in Predacons Rising, though he was able to last a great deal of the battle, much longer than any others. Predaking was the anti hero, with Skylynx and Darksteel in Predacons Rising.
  • Before discovering how to transform, he was simply called the Predacon.
  • Shortly after his debut in the series, Predaking became a quite popular and well received character by fans. Many also took the revelation of him being stronger than any Decepticons but willing to live peacefully with Autobots very well. However it hasn't been confirmed he made peace with them fully, and he may therefore have just left them alone in order for his race to survive.
  • Since discovering his ability to transform, Predaking seems to prefer robot mode to beast mode. Ironically however it is his beast mode which seems to be stronger as well as his original mode.
    • Also, Predaking has never been shown talking in his beast mode, suggesting it's an ability only his Robot mode can perform. He can only roar in his beast mode, which may be the language of the Predacons.
      • However, it is unknown why Hardshell could speak in beast mode, yet not Predaking. Though they are different species.
  • The humans never saw Predaking transform in his robot mode.
  • This is the first time Predaking was redesigned since Generation One in which he was the combined form of five other Predacons. But this is the first time Predaking has been a single character and in charge of his own faction.
  • Predaking's breath is hotter than the planet Mercury, which has highs of 700 Kelvin (or 427 degrees Celsius/800 degrees Fahrenheit) at daytime.
  • Predaking seems to suffer from mass displacement. It's been shown multiple times that his beast mode's big enough to toss around Cybertronians like chew-toys, while his robot mode stands only head and shoulders over Megatron.
  • Predaking was able to grab into the Nemesis while being tossed through mid air, a massive space battle, the ship falling out of orbit and through a Space Bridge.
  • Predaking has similarities to Frankenstein's creature from the classic novel. Both were created by a mad scientist that pushed the boundaries of creation, both are stronger than the average member of their race and both are looked down upon. In the creature's case it is due to his hideous appearance, in Predaking's case it is due to him being a Predacon.
  • Predaking's has many things in common with Dreadwing. For one thing, they both are skilled in combat and have been betrayed by Megatron for the death of relatives and are unwilling to follow either Autobot or Decepticon.
  • Like Arcee, Predaking transforms in size. Only difference is size and Predaking is a Predacon
  • Though Megatron held the position of series main antagonist, it can be argued that Predaking holds equal status for season three as Predaking fights the Autobots the most in season 3 and is the main reason for many of Megatron's motives in the same season and is also stronger than him. Predaking even takes Megatron's place in the season 3 when Optimus usually clashes with Megatron, this time he clashes with Predaking. 
  • Predaking contradicts himself on several occasions. In Minus One, he tells Megatron that Project Predacon was a squadron, but when he attacks Megatron in Synthesis, he calls it an army, which is what everyone called it. Whether or not he was using Predacon numbers or he was so angry he made the error without realizing it is unknown.
  • When Bulkhead spots Unicron in Predacons Rising, when Arcee asks if it is Predaking, Bee states it is going at a speed too quick. Predaking, on the other hand, shows on a number of occasions great bursts of speed, capable of catching up to Ultra Magnus's ship in Prey, finding the fast moving Nemesis in Chain of Command, catching up to Optimus with his jet pack in both Evolution and Minus One, and managing to catch up to Starscream at the end of Predacons Rising despite Starscream having a vehicle mode, and having a significant head start.
  • Predaking can take hard punches by Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Unicron.
  • Predaking is able to take down Skylynx and Darksteel in their beast modes without hesitation.
  • Predaking never backs down from a fight. He would even transform into his beast mode and attack his victim at will.
  • Predaking is the first antagonist in the show to be a tragic villain.
  • With the revelation that Cybertronians are modelled after one of the Thirteen, and the belief among them that Onyx Prime was the ancestor to the Predacons, Predaking might be modelled after Onyx.
  • Predaking might be more powerful than the series suggest as there was little time to fully flesh out the true extent of his powers. The Covenant depict him as being able to devour Cybertronians, and the comics show him having the power to summon the Inferum Blade, a weapon that he alone can wield. It is possible Predaking himself is not aware he posses these powers if he has them in the show. If he returns in the sequel, this will likely be explained. He is probably far more powerful than anyone currently realize.
  • He is called "Tall, Dark and Scaly" by Knock Out in Synthesis, a term used to describe either monsters or demons. This actually fits him as his robot mode is rather demonic looking. His dragon form would also be considered a monster.
  • Wheeljack thought Predaking was Megatron when he saw him in Prey, before Bulkhead realized it was bigger.
  • Predaking becomes more sentient as the series third season progress. He is capable of remembering things, learning what he was, and accessing a computer. By the end of the series, he is far more intelligent than he was when he made his debut.
  • Predaking In his original life possessed many similar traits with Megatron, as they were ruthless tyrants in their time, though he had more respect for his fellow Predacons.
  • The Covenant reveals that the current Predaking was cloned from the same body that the original one possessed. This explains why he took that name in Evolution as he may have remembered it. His hostility to Optimus in Persuasion may also be a result of his original memories of being left to burn in the Cataclysm.
  • In "Unreliable Narratives", Shockwave states that all of his clone specimens are female to prevent breeding. Whether this means Predaking is female is not known.
  • Predaking's arrogance may also stem from his status as an apex predator. Apex predators are cocky and arrogant, utterly convinced that there is nothing worse than they are.
  • Predaking calls Dark Energon ,"Dark Magic".
  • It's unknown if Predaking was destroyed along with Skylynx and Darksteel.


  • "Strike me again and I will bury that rod in your spark" - Predaking's first words to Starscream when he first transforms.
  • "I AM NO BEAST!"
  • "So the rumors are true. I will no longer be alone."
  • "All I remember of my beginning is hunting......and battle...............and the wounding of my pride. Thus I begun to burn with questions......."Who am I?" "Where did I come from?"
  • "If my brethren are imperiled, I will confront the enemy."
  • "The very same who previously allowed you to live, but will not today." - Predaking to Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack
  • "What have you done to my brethren? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?" - Predaking attacks Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack
  • "Prepare to perish." - Predaking after overpowering Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack
  • "I welcome any opportunity to face the Prime again, warrior to warrior." 
  • "Then I shall simply battle twice as fiercely!" 
  • "It took a cataclysm to extinguish Cybertron's original Predacon inhabitants. You never stood a chance against me Prime, in fact *transforms hand into gun* the time has come for your extinction!" - Predaking to Optimus Prime.
  • "I am Predaking! And I will never bow to your kind." - Predaking to Optimus. 
  • "I will tear you apart!"- Predaking to Megatron
  • "Then why have you violated my refugee, Autobot!?" - Predaking to Bumblebee
  • "Indeed legions of them. Behold my subjects, a countless multitude rendered extinct ages ago by the great cataclysm. Unearthed by the shifting of plates during our planets' restoration." - Predaking showing Bumblebee, Arcee, Smokescreen and Bulkhead his dead 'ancestors'. 
  • "Two? Where?"
  • "You assume that because I turned against Megatron, I can forgive the Autobots, their role in the destruction of my brethren on Earth!? Leave me be and dare not trespass here again." - Predaking to Bumblebee, Arcee, Smokescreen and Bulkhead.
  • "The Autobots spoke the truth."
  • "In the name of the mighty legions of Predacons who proceeded me, I shall never again yield to your charge. But I will heed your previous advice and face my true enemy As A Beast!!!"- Predaking to Unicron
  • "The burial ground.........desecrated.......strip-mined of all that remained of our ancestors." - Predaking to Skylynx and Darksteel .
  • "Dark magic. Perpetrated by the Demon who lives in Megatron's skin." Predaking tells about Unicron
  • "We three are proof that our mighty race might once again have flourished. They're remains must be reclaimed if for no other reason then to be properly laid back to rest." Predaking's first command
  • "I am not your boss. I am your king!" - Predaking to his two subjects Skylynx and Darksteel, Predacons Rising.
  • "I would recommend leaving that to those more suited for the task." Predaking to Bumblebee
  • "Skylynx, Darksteel. Allow nothing to enter the well!!" - Predaking to Skylynx and Darksteel.
  • "I am not here to seize thrones, Starscream. But to settle scores." - Predaking to Starscream.