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[[../Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes

Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes

Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes Predacons Rising (Animated)/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

Blackaracnia captures Wasp and conducts an experiment on him creating... Waspinator!

Brief Synopsis

The episode starts with Wasp yet again being chased. Wasp is captured by Blackarachnia and the Dinobots. Blackarachnia convinces Wasp that she is his friend. She tells him she understands his story because they were both betrayed by the Autobots. She convinces Wasp to enter a transwarp device. She then retrieves an insect she has stored (which looks more like a bumble bee than a wasp).

Sentinel Prime receives a warning from Optimus not to proceed to Dinobot Island. Optimus suspects Blackarachnia's involvement and hasn't told Sentinel about the fate of Elita-1. Sentinel ignored the order. He orders Jetfire and Jetstorm to create a diversion to distract the Dinobots who are guarding the door. They disable Snarl and lead Grimlock and Swoop away. Sentinel heads into the base. Sentinel confronts Blackarachnia and learns her former identity. He is disgusted and attacks her. Wasp emerges from the chamber as a large wasp. He transforms into robot mode and anounces that he is now Waspinator.

Bumblebee and Optimus arrive on the scene. Bumblebee confronts Waspinator and apologizes for falsely accusing him. Waspinator's voice temporarily changes back to Wasp's and he says he forgives "Bumblebot". Then it changes back to Waspinator's and he screams that Waspinator never will forgive him. Waspinator then discovers Blackarachnia only created him so she could experiment on how to change him back (which could destroy him). Waspinator's trans warp signature then becomes unstable and they all flee the lab back onto the island. Waspinator attacks Blackarachnia. Optimus intervenes and say he will not leave her behind again. Blackarachnia then says no, but she will and forms a cocoon around her and Waspinator. Waspinator explodes destroying most of dinobot island.

Blackarachnia and Waspinator appear to be transported to another planet. Waspinator is in pieces but still functional. Blackarachnia is unharmed, but realizes that she is surrounded by animals.


Featured characters

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Optimus Prime: I've got a visual, it's Wasp alright. He's making a mess.
Bumblebee: What's his heading?
Optimus Prime: I... uh I don't even think he knows.

Optimus Prime explaining the very real problem with knowing the mind of an insane bot.

Wasp: Bumblebot lie! Wasp not listen. LALALALA!

—Jeez dude, take a chill pill.

Sentinel Prime: I uh was misled by bad intelligence.
Optimus Prime: huh, that's putting it mildly.

—Haha! Prime's just saying what we are all thinking.

Sentinel Prime: This is a Cybertronian fugitive and I will force my authority as the.. uh.. the uh.. Primer Prime!
Optimus Prime: Did you just make that up?
Sentinel Prime: No.
Optimus Prime: There is no such thing as a Primer Prime!
Sentinel Prime: It's a real term, look it up.
Optimus Prime: I'm not going to look it up!
Sentinel Prime: Afraid I'm right?

Sentinel Prime trying to say he is top dawg.

Sentinel Prime: A robot? With an organic mode?! EWWWW.

—Sentinel Prime flattering Blackarachnia.

Optimus Prime: Because I am the one who left you behind, Sentinel is not the one to blame for what you look like.
Blackarachnia: What I look like is only half the story... what I am is a lot more complicated.

—oh so she's one of those chicks...

Waspinator: Waspinator cannot go offline. Waspinator have plans.

—so creepy....

Other Notes

Animation errors

Continuity errors

Transformer references

  • Though never mentioned in the show itself the episode's title is reference to the Predacons from the Beast Wars.
  • At the end of the episode Blackarachnia is face to face with a Rhino, Gorilla, Rat, and a Cheetah. These animals are the alt modes of the original Maximals from Beast Wars.
  • Wasp, now Waspinator, says at the end of the episode that, "Waspinator has Plans". This was a line used by Waspinator in the Beast wars cartoon.
  • Like in Beast Wars, Waspinator can survive being blown to pieces, though sadly even in Transformers Animated no one bothers to salvage him when he gets blown up. Looks like some things never change...
  • While flying to Dinobot Island Sentinel orders Jetfire and Jetstorm to go to "Maximum Burn". This was a phrase used throughout the Beast Wars cartoon.
  • Sentinel Prime and Megatron from Beast Machines seem to share the same hatred towards Technorganics, imagine that.
  • Snarl being stuck in the wall of the cave may be a reference to what his G1 counterpart did to Devastator in the animated movie.
  • The truck with the stripe at the beginning of the episode bears an uncanny resemblance to the alt mode of the original Optimus Prime.
  • When Sentinel Prime asks "So what's the Plan" Optimus replies, "Same as it's always been, RUN!". This could be taken as a reference to Beast Machines and the fact that running away seemed to be their specialty.
  • Swoop and Grimlock are rough proxies for Terrorsaur and Megatron.
  • When Optimus mentions transwarp energy Bumblebee says "That's never good." Transwarp technology was introduced in Beast Wars and was frequently the source of many problems and plot devices.

Real-world references

Miscellenous Trivia

  • Prowl is still wearing his Samurai Armor from the previous episode. This is good, Yesssss.
  • Is there such a thing as a "Prime-er prime?".
  • Sari does not appear in this episode...ok seriously what the slag?!
  • Blackarachnia's "real" face is shown for the first time. And it has an organic nose. EWWWW.
  • Bulkhead, Rachet, and Prowl appear but do not speak.
  • Apparently all Primes must be afraid of spiders.
  • It's mentioned that Sentinel Prime is the going to be the one to lead the Autobots in the absence of Ultra Rattrap would say, "We're all gonna die".
  • This would be the second time a Blackarachnia has turned a transformer into a technorganic, the first time being her attempts to turn Jetstorm back into Silverbolt in Beast Machines.
  • Apparently, a Transformer's "inhibition unit" is not affected at all by magnets placed directly on their heads, unlike some other famous bot we know. Or maybe Sentinel is THAT dim that it has no effect.
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