It's shaped kinda like three-pronged tuning fork. A three-pronged tuning fork.... of evil.

Outpost One is a space station in the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Predacon Command Outpost One is a deep space operations station. It is home to the Tripredacus Council.

From the Outpost, the Council controls various artificial Cybertronian satellites. It also houses Covert Agent Ravage and the Predacon's experimental Transwarp Cruiser. Numerous other Predacons make their home there as well.


Beast Wars cartoon

"Perhaps the gravest issue we face right now is there are actually three Four Great Ones."

Command Outpost One was hit by the transwarp wave front caused by the Planet Buster's destruction, causing a power outage and systems failure, and sending the station's crew stumbling around as station shook from the impact.

The Tripredacus Council immediately convened to discuss the issue, as the wavefront matched the transwarp signature of the ship stolen by Megatron. Backtracking it allowed them to learn where Megatron had gone. On the council's orders, Ravage was dispatched to track down and kill the renegade. The Agenda (Part 1)

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