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The Predacons are a faction of evil Cybertronians from the Robots in Disguise continuity.

A disgrace to the once proud Predacon race.

The Predacons are ruthless conquerors from the planet Cybertron, led by Megatron. When they reached Earth they found their old enemy Optimus Prime and his Autobots already there waiting for them. Megatron claims they ravaged many worlds in the past. How they managed this, since they arrived on Earth almost out of power and fairly hopelessly incompetent, is unknown.

Eventually Megatron also gained a sub-group, the militaristic Decepticons, as troops, and a strong rivalry developed between them and the bumbling Predacons.

There is a governing body on Cybertron called the Predacon Council, who seem to have some authority over Megatron.

Japanese name: Destrongers


"Look at the camera, morons"


Robots in Disguise cartoon

The Predacons came to earth along with Megatron with the search for Fortress Maximus.

They attacked the Autobots while Megatron tried to take Dr. Onoshi. Battle Protocol After being successful with that, they pretty much completely failed on all missions until the Decepticons came into existence. The Decepticons They pretty much didn't do much for the rest of the series except ruin the Decepticons' missions.

Dreamwave comic

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