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Predacon is a fanatic who experiments in the combination of organic tissue and standard Cybertronian robotics. He believes that through this process, Transformers can become far more powerful... and Predacon certainly packs a lethal punch. Though most Cybertronians find this idea repugnant, he was able to amass a cadre of loyal, fanatical followers.

This group became big enough to be worrying to the Autobots, who even sent an agent deep undercover to keep an optic on them and hopefully even discover just where this biomechanical technology came from, which is one thing the boisterous and charismatic Predacon is remarkably silent about.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Centuries before the Transformers came to Earth, Predacon was a member of Scorponok's platoon, and accompanied him on several missions. No Exit

Anime continuity

Predacon was one of the many Autobots and Decepticons attacking Unicron in the Unicron Battles.


Predacon participated in a Decepticon attack on the Iron Hope during the Unicron Singularity crisis, and subsequently battled Grimlock and Swoop. Force of Habit




I swear I'm completely different from a certain other dinosaur. Yesss!

  • Predacon with Side Burn and Skid-Z (Max-Con, 2003)
Predacon is a retool of the Transmetal Megatron mold, transforming into a metallic T. rex to a robot mode with organic-looking parts; his T. rex mode has a third "flight" configuration. Two Mini-Con Powerlinx plugs were also added at the hubs of his turbine fans, as well as the parts that become his robot-mode shoulder-armor. He is one of only two Armada toys to be released with two Mini-Con partners; he came with Side Burn and Skid-Z. (The other figure released with more than one Mini-Con was Sideways.)

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