The Master Bait -- uh, Builders

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Grapple and Hoist ally themselves with the Constructicons.

Detailed synopsis

When Grapple shows his fellow Autobots a working model of a Solar Tower he asks for Optimus Prime's permission to build a life-size version. However, fearing what could happen should such a device fall into Megatron's hands, Prime denies Grapple's request. But when the Constructicons learn of Grapple's solar tower, they claim they have left Megatron and abandoned the Decepticons and they offer to help Grapple and Hoist build a full-size solar tower.

When Megatron hears of the Constructicons' plans he confronts them and devises a plan to allow him to use the completeted solar tower for his own cause.

Master builders prime basketball

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool/and shootin' some b-ball outside of the school...

Meanwhile, Spike teaches Optimus and the other Autobots how to play basketball.


Original airdate: 8 October 1985

Written by: David N. Gottlieb and Herb Engelhardt

Featured characters

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Notable quotes

"Well, if he is not impressed, I'll be... depressed."

--Grapple worrying about whether Optimus Prime will agree on his proposal for a Solar Tower.

"Am I 'drooling' correctly?"
"The word is 'dribbling', Optimus!"

--Optimus Prime and Spike while playing basketball.

"Hey, hey, hey! Airborne is reborn!"

--Powerglide after he is repaired by Hoist and Grapple.

"Hold your fire Autobots!"
"And miss a chance to nail you? Never!"

--Scrapper attempting to open a dialogue with Hoist and Grapple which the Autobots refuse and open fire on the Constructicon leader.

"We'll just help ourselves if you don't mind."
"Or even if you do!"
"Who me? M-mind? Why should I! hehe... he."

--Bonecrusher and Long Haul as they rob a Human construction site while the Human Foremen can only tear his plans for the site as he sees the Constructicons steal his work materials.

"As soon as the Power Tower is finished, I need to find a place to sign my name... in very large letters."

--Grapple as the Solar Tower is approaching completion.

"Watch out Spike! I'm driving for a layoff!"
"Its a layin Prime! Watch out for Tracks!"

--Optimus Prime as he plays basketball with the other Autobots and gets another correction on the terminology used by Spike

"'Get this.' 'Bring that.' I thought I was finally going to build somethin'."

--Long Haul after being told to bring another solar panel.

"Hey, anybody want economy-sized wall plaques?"

--Ironhide, commenting on Hoist and Grapple impressions on a iron slab.

"There will be other towers to design and build, Grapple."
"It was magnificent... for a little while, wasn't it, Hoist?"
"Incredible, absolutely incredible."

--Hoist and Grapple, looking at the model of the destroyed Solar Tower.

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Near the end, when they're about to dig Hoist and Grapple out of the rubble of the solar tower, Cliffjumper is given Bumblebee's colors; although he doesn't speak you can recognize it as Cliffjumper by the spoiler across his chest.
  • When the Autobots are approaching the Solar Tower, Inferno is not to be seen at all, when they finally transform to robots, one of the first shots shows Inferno, but none after. Probably meant to have been Ironhide in that shot.

Continuity errors

  • Continuity errors

Transformers references

  • Scrapper claims that the Constructicons admired Grapple's work back on Cybertron. Hmmm...

Real-world references

  • References

Miscellaneous trivia

  • When remastered for DVD by Rhino Entertainment, the re-created title card for the episode was incorrectly rendered as "The Master Builder." This title appeared on all associated material included with the DVD set, and can be seen in the screen shot above.
  • Apparently random rocks are equipped by the Decepticons with video cameras.


Solar Tower, basketball

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