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   Appears: Generation One beginning in 1985, not named until 2002
Praxus is a city-state on Cybertron in the Generation One continuity family.

Praxus was the home city-state of Prowl and Bluestreak. One of its key locations was the Helix Gardens, where crystals were arranged in a beautiful manner to create a place of contemplation. It also hosted The Assembly, a "center of Autobot science, technology, art, philosophy and culture." Like so many others, Praxus went from shining metropolis to bombed-out wasteland during the course of the Great War. Just keep thinking... 'Til all are one.


Dreamwave continuityEdit

Over the course of the war, the Decepticons devastated the city of Praxus. After the death of Sentinel Prime, Grimlock called Jazz, Prowl, and other Autobots to discuss the impending succession. Grimlock believed that the city served as a metaphor, about how the old ways were gone, and declared that Megatron had left them without options. He informed them that if the new Prime was not able to do what needed to be done, they would take over leadership of the Autobots... and if necessary, take out the new Prime.

What they got was Optimus Prime. The War Within issue 1

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