Powerpinch is ferocious and evil. Truly evil. Evil with a capital EEEEEEEEvil. How evil is he? He's so evil, he's constantly plotting to overthrow himself. He's so evil, his eyes never stop being shifty, even when he's in rest mode. He's so evil, he twirls other villains' moustaches. He's so evil, he tied Snidely Whiplash to the traintracks. He's so evil, he kills the hero and THEN gloats about his nefarious schemes. He's so evil, there's still need to fear, even if Underdog is here. That's how evil he is.

He's also fast and dangerous, using his insect anatomy to defeat his foes. It's not as dirty as it sounds - unless you're an insect. Then it's downright naughty.

Italian name: Insector[1]
French name (Canada): Tenailles


IDW Beast Wars comics

IDW Powerpinch

Hi, I'm here to lay my eggs in your brain.

Powerpinch was one of the protoforms jettisoned by the Axalon on prehistoric Earth. He was activated and chronally displaced by Razorbeast at Magmatron's request. The newly born Predacon quickly joined Magmatron. He was sent to hunt down the Maximals that Razorbeast had also awakened. The Gathering, Part 2

While investigating a swampy area with Transquito, Retrax, Scourge, and Insecticon, Powerpinch was attacked (and partially devoured) by Soundwave. The Gathering, Part 3

He got better though. He was among the Predacons who aided numerous Maximals in taking down the Blentrons. He was the first to cheer in triumph... until an Angolmois-infected Razorbeast came barreling towards them. The Ascending, Part 1 The Ascending issue 4


Beast Wars

  • Powerpinch (Basic, 1997)
    • Accessories: Tail-pincer
Powerpinch transforms into an orange and translucent dark-green earwig. His tail-pincher has a "scissor" action activated by a geared trigger. This assembly becomes a hand-held weapon in robot mode, though it can be left attached to his chest for a weird chest-mounted weapon.
This mold was redecoed into Scissorboy and Vice Grip.


  1. This name only seems to have been used on the cross-sell for the English/Spanish/Italian "video-pack" release of Airazor. The name is not used on Powerpinch's own cardback.

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