Energon Powerlinx Red symbol

A Powerlinx symbol from Energon.

Powerlinxing is a term for several technologies in the Armada and Energon portions of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

The term powerlinx has several different meanings, most of which have to do with robots combining with one another. In the Armada franchise, powerlinxing was the act wherein a Mini-Con attached to a Bulk, adding a boost of extra power to the larger robot.

In the Energon franchise, however, powerlinxing was the process by which two similarly sized Autobots combined (via the Spark of Combination) into a single, more powerful robot. Transformers with same-colored Powerlinx symbols can combine with each other. Funnily enough, transformers with a red Powerlinx symbol, as depicted opposite, are the exception to this rule. Cyber Planet Keys do not Powerlinx. Well, except Demolishor's. And Deluxe Optimus Prime's.

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