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Energon Powerlinx Red symbol

A Powerlinx symbol from Energon - this PowerLinx is exclusively for Command class figures.

Powerlinx is a term for several technologies/powers/abilities in the Armada and Energon portions of the Unicron Trilogy.

The term PowerLinx has several different meanings, most of which have to do with robots combining with one another. In the Armada franchise, PowerLinxing was the act wherein a Mini-Con attached itself to a Bulk, adding a boost of extra power to the partner. Some Mini-Cons, however, have been known to PowerLinx with each other, forming combined forms among themselves like a Combiner robot like Perceptor (Street Action Team) or Combiner weapons like the Star Saber (Armada Air Defense Team), Skyboom Shield (Race Team) or Requiem Blaster (Space Team).

In Energon, PowerLinxing was the process by which two similarly sized Autobots combined (via the Spark of Combination) into a single, more powerful form which usually took the form of one of those Transformers forming the top and therefore entering a "powered-up" transformation and the second Transformer becoming the bottom and therefore infusing the top character with their own power. Transformers with same-colored PowerLinx symbols can combine with each other.

There are several Energon PowerLinx symbol types (designed as a circle with a faction insignia presented inside) which are each assigned to a figure class, or there may be other specific circumstances:

  • Silver for Deluxe
  • Gold for Mega
  • Red for Command
  • Blue for the "Maximus" Combiners - this PowerLinx type has no faction insignia shown within the circular symbol

Funnily enough, Command Transformers are the exception to the rule of PowerLinking in the style of pairs of two - instead, they PowerLinx with accessories that enhance either their vehicle mode's design as an extension (with some having their vehicle mode becoming an entirely new vehicle in appearance) or their robot mode's power and strength from their basic and Energon Star-enhanced limit.

Autobots who are able to Powerlinx with each other in teams of two are:

The Commanders who PowerLinx only with their accessories are:

Omnicons can't Powerlinx. Decepticons have never been shown to PowerLinx in the Energon style (Well, except for Snow Cat and Demolishor).

At the end of Energon, when all of the Autobots combine via their Combination Sparks, they lost the ability to PowerLinx, except for Optimus Prime and Wing Saber.

Furthermore, Prowl and Downshift, on the note of same-class figures using the Energon-style PowerLinx, were kind enough to demonstrate a style of Energon PowerLinx where two-similarly-classed Transformers, instead of one entering a power-up form and another Transforming into the legs, could both Transform into a power-up form for themselves at the same time... unless the Spark of Combination was played with for that purpose and the toys provided the possible inspiration for such fun!

Cyber Planet Keys do not Powerlinx. Well, except Demolishor's. And Deluxe Optimus Prime's.