This article is about the Zone Autobot subgroup. For the binary-bonding technology, see Powermaster.

The Powered Masters are an Autobot subgroup in the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Powered Masters are an elite trio of high-ranking Autobots, gifted with incredible size, strength and skill. Together or separately, they're more than a match for any one of Violen Jygar's Nine Great Demon Generals.

The Powered Masters are:

The three Powered Masters can combine to form Big Powered. Dai Atlas can also combine with his teammates individually, forming Sky Powered when combined with Sonic Bomber and Land Powered when combined with Road Fire.



Both Dai Atlas and Sonic Bomber appear in the Zone anime.


Although it is a common misconception that the Powered Master toys all featured motorized action, in fact, they do not share any kind of common gimmick.

Dai Atlas is the figure with the motorized action - powered by two AA batteries, his motor drives his rubber treads, allowing him to roll forward or backwards in any of his three modes (Star Convoy featured a similar gimmick, but was not included in the Powered Master subgroup). Sonic Bomber and Roadfire, conversely, simply feature spring-loaded actions in their transformations.


  • Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber, and Road Fire are also known as The Hero of the Earth, The Warrior of the Wind, and The Brave of the Fire respectively.

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