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Powerdive is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.
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Powerdive can detect an Autobot from a hundred miles away, giving him ample opportunity to figure the best approach to take them by surprise and take them apart with his flying rotor blades. A heavily-armed warrior, Powerdive can rain down death on his opponents, or engage them in close combat. Either way, he is a no-nonsense fighter, ready and able to brutally tear through any obstacle.

European market name: Blade


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation 2

Powerdive was one of several new warriors created by the Decepticons after their defeat on Klo. While Bludgeon designed these new warriors and conceived the plan of stealing the Creation Matrix from Optimus Prime, it was Megatron who actually carried out the plot. The Gathering Darkness Powerdive leapt into action alongside his fellow Rotor Force and Laser Rod members on Tykos, moon of E'Brutoc, in order to acquire the metal-reinforcing gas known as rheanimum. The Decepticons ripped through the opposition and took the gas for themselves. New Dawn

Despite their new powers, Powerdive and his ilk did little to turn the tide against the G2 Cybertronian Empire, and so Megatron was forced to make an alliance with the Autobots for mutual preservation. Powerdive made several appearances among the unified army, and was present for the final conflict on Earth with Jhiaxus and the Swarm. A Rage in Heaven!


Generation 2

Comes with cherry or licorice-flavored rotors.

  • Powerdive (Rotor Force, 1994)
    • Accessories: Helicopter rotor, 2 rotor discs
Powerdive transforms into a Boeing-McDonnell-Douglas AH-64 Apache assault helicopter. As a Rotor Force toy, his hand-wound rotor assembly can launch plastic flying discs in vehicle and robot mode; the prop/engine portion becoming a hand-held weapon for robot mode.
He came with two rotor discs, in case you lost one (considering how well they fly, good idea). Early releases of Powerdive and his partner Ransack came with black-plastic rotor discs, but this was changed to red after a short while. The black-rotor version is much more uncommon.


  • Transformers Generation 2 #7 and #12 misspelled his name as "Powerdrive".

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