The Powerdashers are Autobots in the Generation One continuity family.

He has no elbows and he must scream.

Powerdasher is either a single Autobot who is constantly evolving between entirely different forms, or three separate but unnamed individual Autobots.

Powerdasher(s) recently came to Earth to aid the Autobot cause. He (they) is (are) friendly and cheerful, and can operate at various levels of kinetic energy - whatever that means. It sure sounds impressive, though, doesn't it?



What am I even DOING here? I'm a FLUTIST, for crying out loud!

Dreamwave Continuity

After the defeat of Shockwave on Cybertron, the Powerdashers were placed aboard the Bumblebee-commanded ship Orion as reinforcements. Having been put in shutdown mode for transport, they were activated to repair the ship after it was shot down on Earth by Sunstorm. Black Sunshine

(Note: The car-form Powerdasher was on the cover of the first issue of the second Generation One miniseries, but did not appear anywhere in the story. He wasn't the only one to do this, either.)


Generation One


He comes from France!

  • Powerdasher (car) (Mail-away, 1984)
  • Powerdasher (drill vehicle) (Mail-away, 1984)
  • Powerdasher (jet) (Mail-away, 1984)
Powerdasher was only available as a mail-away premium from Hasbro for $3 and 2 Robot points. However, the customer could not pick which version of Powerdasher to be sent. (The promotional copy in the S.T.A.R.S. catalogs explained this by cautioning that Powerdashers were "constantly evolving", and thus the customer wouldn't necessarily receive a Powerdasher that matched the catalog illustration.) Three models were made: a Cybertronic jet, a Cybertronic race car, and a Cybertronic drill tank. (The tank's drill does not spin, sorry.) All three Powerdasher toys have pull-back motors in vehicle mode, which allow them to quickly roll forward across flat surfaces.
The jet-form Powerdasher appears to be the most common.


  • The Diaclone names for the toys that became Powerdasher were "F-1 Dasher", "Drill Dasher", and "Sky Dasher". These names are sometimes used by fans to refer to the individual Powerdasher toys.
  • The term "Powerdasher" first appeared in Takara's US-marketed Diakron toyline, and was then apparently carried over by Hasbro into Transformers.
  • In Diakron, GiG's Italian Trasformer line and Joustra's French release of Diaclone, the Powerdasher toys received individual names: "Aragon" (car), "Cromar" (jet), and "Zetar" (drill).
  • The Powerdasher(s) were the first Cybertronian (well, non-Earthen) vehicular toys released - and were released in 1984, to boot.

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