Power Up VT6 is a Decepticon Real Gear Robot from the live-action movie continuity family.
Powerup Robot

Video Games will rot your brain. With lasers.

Power Up VT6 is one of many small robots who was once a normal machine brought to life by the power of the All Spark. Video games rot your brain, kids. At least, this one will. Power Up can scramble and delete data in nearby machines easily, and his screen can send bad things into your head. Someone call Jack Thompson!

"Gaming the System"
―Power Up VT6's packaging tagline

French name (Canada): Console Video VT6
Spanish name: Consola de Juegos VT6


Brain Scrambler Team

Power Up and Zoom Out 25X have teamed up to form the self-designated "Brain Scrambler Team" and screw with human children for kicks. Zoom Out manufactures embarrassing or incriminating videos for parents to find while Power Up scrambles the poor kid's brains so they can't defend themselves. This accomplishes nothing for the Decepticon cause really, but is good dickish fun for these two.



  • Power Up VT6 (Real Gear Robots, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MD-06
Powerup alt

Rated "E" for Evil.

Power Up VT6 transforms into a (non-functional) hand-held video game system. Although there is no real-life equivalent model, he does bear a strong resemblance to the Wonderswan (without the top screen, anyway) Like all Real Gear Robots toys, his robot mode is apparently at 1:1 scale.
There is a notable variation between the Hasbro and Takara releases for this toy. In the Hasbro version, his screen, interestingly enough, shows Cybertron Jetfire as a video-game character. The Takara version, on the other hand, has a sticker showing movie-characters Barricade and Optimus Prime in a one-on-one beat-em-up style game. (Barricade appears to be winning.)
This mold was also used to make Hacker X-3.
  • Brain Scrambler Team (Multi-pack, 2007)
Power Up VT6 was also available in a Wal-Mart exclusive two-pack with Zoom Out 25X .


  • At the time of his release, Power Up VT6 was one of only two Real Gear Robots to not have his name tampographed on his body. The second wave of Real Gear Robots appear to have abandoned the process. The only other first wave Real Gear Robot to share this distinction is Speed Dial 800.

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