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Uncle Terror wants YOU.

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Terrorsaur discovers a cache of energon on a floating mountain that gives him enough power to overthrow Megatron.

Japanese title: 空中山脈大爆破 (Kūchū Sanmyaku Dai Bakuha "The Aerial Mountains' Great Explosion")


A wild and free bird majestically soars through the air, experiencing the wonders of aviation as it feels the wind flow around its proud wings. The bird explores its domain with a grace and sincerity and deliciousness. The lattermost attribute is of interest to a hungry Terrorsaur, who quickly swallows the bird as a snack. Flying higher, Terrorsaur discovers a massive mountain elevated into the sky - defying gravity. Flying closer, he discovers the mountain houses an incredible cache of energon. To check the energon's stability, he Transforms into his robot mode - at the risk of having raw energon radiation harm his circuits. When trying to take a tiny fragment for study, bolts of pure energy surge though him, greatly enhancing his abilities. Naturally, the first thing the empowered Predacon does is fly back to his base to overthrow Megatron. Luckily, Cheetor also finds the airborne crag, and watches Terrorsaur leaving at top speeds.

Outside of the Predacons' crashed ship, Megatron shows his troops some newly installed territorial defenses. Terrorsaur arrives, and, flowing with power, immediately announces that he's taking over the Predacons. Megatron obviously disagrees, and the two fight, but the pumped-up Terrorsaur is easily able to blast Megatron over the edge of a cliff. Megatron lands in pieces, but still alive for a few seconds until he enters a state of uncounsciousness. With the remaining Preds under his control, Terrorsaur announces the Maximals are his next target. Cheetor, having followed Terrorsaur from the floating mountain, perceives the new developments as bad news.


They just don't make Megatrons like they used to.

Before leading the final battle against the Maximals, Terrorsaur finds his new charge has a short life and he must return to the floating mountain to reinvigorate himself. Tarantulas follows in secret, eager to steal the source of Terrorsaur's new capabilities. Scorponok is left alone with Waspinator so the two begin to re-assemble and repair Megatron.

Cheetor rushes back to the Maximal base and scrambles onto the bridge, where he spits out an incoherent sequences of words vaguely relating to the current crisis. Giving explanations a second try, Cheetor explains the story thus far to his fellow Maximals. Rhinox concludes that the floating mountain isn't totally scientifically impossible. Primal and Rattrap prepare to destroy the entire island.

Rhinox Chinstroke

He's not the only one that loves to do this.

Terrorsaur flaps back to the island, and on the ground, Tarantulas climbs a webline up to the suspended formation. Primal and his cargo, Rattrap, arrive moments later. The two watch Terrorsaur re-charge his systems. To give Rattrap time to plant the explosives, Primal engages Terrorsaur in an airborne chase. Primal swiftly dodges most of what Terrorsaur fires, but eventually is hit by Terrorsaur's rarely seen optic blasts. He lands to deliver the finishing blast to Primal (now trapped in his Beast Mode). But before a final shot can be fired, Terrorsaur's energon enhancements run out, and he is forced to go for another recharge, abandoning Optimus.

Rattrap meanwhile, has been tussling with Tarantulas, the two of them staying in their Beast Modes as they wrestle. With a toss of mud, Rattrap blinds Tarantulas and the spider blindly runs off the side of the mountain to the ground far, far below. Rattrap is passed by the flapping Terrorsaur, who discovers the timed charges Rattrap left.

The explosives detonate, and the energon crystals collapse and explode. Before the ground loses form, Primal arrives to carry Rattrap away from annihilation. With his ratty companion, Primal swan dives off the exploding alp and somehow the two survive thanks to Primal grabbing onto a tree.

Terrorsaur pale

Terrorsaur never used bleach again.

Terrorsaur, no longer having the island's resources to rely on, returns home to meet a restored and upset Megatron.


"It's good to be a Predacon."

-- Terrorsaur after swallowing an eagle whole.

"Power... This rock's alive with it! So much Energon... It's enough to power an army! I... I have to chance a scan... Terrorsaur: TERRORIZE!!!"
"Danger: Energon surge. Return to Beast Mode or stasis lock is imminent."
"I must work fast. A small sample will do..."
(Terrorsaur touches a small piece of the raw Energon crystals, and his body is sent into a state of supercharge)
"The Energon has been absorbed directly into my superstructure! I've never felt such power... I'm invincible! Megatron..."
Terrorsaur finds a new power source that is now at his disposal, and he has big first courses of action planned for it...

"Megatron is scrap! Yesss, I'm your leader now!

-- Terrorsaur, inheriting the traits of a leader, yesss.

"Big Bot...Predacons...attacking...Megatron, scrap Terrorsaur...power source, mountain...floating...!"

-- Cheetor upon returning to the Axalon

"You do know... that was crazy."
"Eh, sometimes crazy works."

-- Rattrap witnesses Optimus Primal coin his motto.

Terrorsaur: Blast those Maximals! They destroyed my power! But at least I got rid of Megatron."
[Megatron emerges from the Darksyde, fully repaired]
Megatron: "Well, well. Looks who's, back."
Terrorsaur: "Help!"

-- Megatron greets a depowered and very scared Terrorsaur.


Writers: Jesse Winfield
Original Air Date: September 25, 1996

Major Characters (in order of appearance): Terrorsaur, Cheetor, Megatron, Tarantulas, Waspinator, Scorponok, Rhinox,Rattrap, Optimus Primal


  • Megatron: "I thought you already learned your lesson about challenging me, Terrorsaur."
This line suggests there's been a previous example of Terrorsaur battling against Megatron for leadership in a failed coup. Deja vu much?
  • A warrior among the forces of evil goes literally mad with power, blasts his leader out cold and takes over. Again, Deja Vu.
  • This episode marks the introduction of the Predacon Autogun. This is the same cannon discovered by Scorponok in the episode The Web.
  • Rattrap plays holographic cards. According to the Cybertronix text, he's playing old maid.
  • Dinobot is mentioned but does not appear.
  • Terrorsaur eating the bird in the beginning of the episode may be alluding to his on-package bio, where it is said that he "ingests entire flocks of birds by flying opened mouthed through their flight pattern." He apparently didn't have much of an appetite in this case.
  • Tarantulas's interest in the floating mountain's energon is the first glimpse at his treacherous nature.
  • After Terrorsaur informs the rest of the Predacons that "Megatron is scrap" he adds Megatron's practically patented "Yeess".
  • Terrorsaur proved himself to be a treacherous backstabber who would usurp his leader's position in this episode, much like a certain Decepticon whose spark made a guest appearance in the episode "Possession".
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