The Decepticons attack a nuclear power plant in an attempt to secure fuel. Meanwhile, Bumblebee makes contact with some humans.


In an effort to secure fuel sources and raw materials, the Decepticons attack a half-completed nuclear power plant. They walk off with stripped machine parts, leaving stunned humans in their wake.

Meanwhile, an injured Bumblebee has been taken to the garage of Sparkplug Witwicky by his son, Buster. After much pleading, Buster convinces his dad to fix the car, even though it's the middle of the night. Once repaired, Bumblebee transforms in front of the startled humans and enlists Buster's help to find fuel for the Autobots. As they drive back to the Ark, Bumblebee explains the war between the Transformers. Buster runs into his friends Jesse and O, and explains that his car is from another planet (who knew?). They speculate with Bumblebee on the recent attack on the nuclear power plant, while Ravage, disguised as a cassette in O's boom box, listens in on their conversation.

At the Ark, the Autobots are debating about whether they should just take the energy they need or offer humans Cybertronian technology in exchange. A distress signal from Bumblebee inspires Optimus Prime to lead an Autobot group to the Witwicky garage. Sparkplug agrees to help the Autobots convert human fuels sources into a form Transformers can use. However, the introductions between Prime and the humans are barely finished when the Decepticons attack.

The Autobots appear to gain the upper hand as a battle rages in Sparkplug's scrapyard, but Megatron arrives, makes short work of Bumblebee and nabs Sparkplug. Optimus Prime forces the Decepticon leader to release the human. As he and Megatron throw car parts at each other, Starscream grabs Sparkplug and takes off. Their objective obtained, the rest of the 'Cons retreat. Buster begs the Autobots to follow and rescue his father, but the fuel-depleted bots fall to their knees, unable to even help themselves.

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons Humans


Sideswipe and Sunstreaker began sharing their body molds sooner than most believe.

  • At one point, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker's car modes are switched. When they transform, they share the same body model (Sideswipe's), although Sideswipe is sporting the "jet pack" seen on Sunstreaker's toy as he flies off. (This may be due to the uncertainty as to which toy represented which character, detailed here.) Both characters use the same character model throughout the issue.
  • Many other coloring errors throughout the issue.
  • Jesse is spelled "Jessie" in this issue.
  • Despite being left behind at the base, Ratchet still appears at Sparkplug's garage in one panel.
  • In the previous issue, when Prowl shot Soundwave at the drive-in, the blast hit him in the shoulder. But in the flashback to those events in this issue, the blast hits him in the head.

Items of note

  • Cameos: various nuclear plant workers, citizens and police.
  • Advertised as part 2 in a 4-issue limited series.
  • Sparkplug states that he's "a mechanic, not a doctor", an homage to Star Trek's Doctor McCoy.
  • During the entire battle at the Witwicky's house, Optimus Prime's trailer sits parked, frequently in view. Prime had yet to learn how to make it conveniently disappear.

Covers (3)

Furmanism inspiration?

  • U.S. cover: Megatron blasts Prime by Michael Golden
  • UK issue 3 cover: Bumblebee with the Witwickys by Jerry Paris
  • UK issue 4 cover: reuse of art from U.S. cover


  • None yet identified.
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