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The Power Booster Rod is a tool from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Let's hope the Autobots can all read English.

As long as the Power Booster Rod is clamped to the lever within the Ark which activates the Ark's defenses, any Autobot can flip the lever by remote control. This is possible partly due to the amazing abilities of the Power Booster Rod itself -- whoever wields it can use it to lift heavy objects with ease.

So don't steal it, okay?


Marvel Comics continuity

When the small-time car thief, the Mechanic, followed Ratchet back to the Ark in search of weapons to steal, he found the Power Booster Rod while all of the rest of the Autobots were outside the Ark attending Optimus Prime's funeral.

The Mechanic throws a wrench in the works, trunk-ating their plans, and really bowling them over.

When they began to return, the Mechanic swiped the Power Booster Rod while the defenses were switched on, forcing the Autobot to fight their way into their own base. The Mechanic was able to flee with the Power Booster Rod in tow. Funeral for a Friend!

With the Power Booster Rod and the other technologies he stole, the Mechanic was able to steal whatever he wanted, no matter the size, with ease. Enraged that a human had bested them, Grimlock sent Blaster and Goldbug to hunt down the Mechanic and take back the goods stolen from them. Though the two Autobots were able to put an end to the Mechanic's scheme to sell advanced armaments to gangsters, the Mechanic escaped (again) with everything he'd stolen, including the Power Booster Rod. Mechanical Difficulties!

The Power Booster Rod was never seen again, but presumably the Mechanic, if he was never apprehended, still has it.