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Specifics: Toy; robot mode

Pounce is a Decepticon Clone in the Generation One continuity family.

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Pounce is the Decepticon equivalent of Repugnus (though the difference between the two is fairly microscopic). He does the dirty jobs that even the other Decepticons find repugnant. And as far as he's concerned, the dirtier the better. Anti-social, vicious, nasty, wily, silent, deadly and merciless are all appropriate descriptors for Pounce. What few realize is that much of Pounce's success at his job stems from the carefully cultivated reputation he's created for himself.

Pounce is the clone brother of Wingspan.

French name (Canada): Fauve
Italian name: Roboclon


The Transformers cartoon

Voice Actor: Stan Jones

Pounce and Wingspan snuck into Autobot City to retrieve the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Counterpunch tried to warn them that his Autobot counterpart was not only nearby, but REAL nearby, but they didn't listen. Despite showing an obliviousness usually reserved for Lois Lane, the Clones beat Punch when he showed up and returned the Key to Scourge so that his unit could infiltrate the Plasma Energy Chamber itself. The Rebirth, Part 1

The Headmasters anime

The Decepticon Clones were recruited by Galvatron after betraying their former friends, the Autobot Clones. Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship They later assisted MegaZarak in setting up Death Towers across the Earth. Heavy damage by Sixshot broke their necks, but they were seemingly repaired and resumed their mission in time for the final battle. Their fate subsequent to the Decepticons' retreat from Earth is unknown.

IDW comics continuity

One of the Clones was seen on the Decepticon orbital station. Given that it was apparently a monitoring or data entry post, it was probably Wingspan. Spotlight: Sixshot


Generation One

  • Pounce and Wingspan (Clones, 1987)

Pounce and his brother Wingspan were available as a two-pack set. Each came with a pair of rifles and two rub-sign insignias, one identifying them as Decepticons and the other distinguishing the two by revealing an image of their alt mode. Pounce transformed into a puma.

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