Portent is the forty-seventh episode of Armada. It first aired in the United States on September 28, 2003 on Cartoon Network.



More pursuit of Thrust brings his pursuers through a portal to a strange organic area. The rest of the Autobots gather to fight Unicron.


In the mysterious tunnels within Cybertron, the kids explain to Hot Shot and Wheeljack that it was Starscream who brought the kids to where they are. Hot Shot advises the kids to return to the Axalon where it's safer, but the kids argue they can be useful, eventually convincing their gigantic metal pals. The group radios back to Prime with their status, where Billy and Fred feel neglected. Meanwhile, Jetfire and Hoist continue to order Autobots to withdraw from their positions. Blurr relays to Jetfire orders from Optimus to assist Hot Shot and Wheeljack below. Galvatron is satisfied with the Autobots' retreat, allowing his forces to easily take over Cybertron. Thrust, still running from Starscream, dives through a strange portal. Starscream bravely follows into the unknown. On the other side, in an organic-looking area with Transformer husks around, Sideways finally appears. Starscream arrives soon after. Next, Hot Shot's group prepares to follow through the portal, Alexis making sure to put on a good luck charm first. Sideways and Starscream come face to face. As is tradition, before the battle, Starscream declines an offer to join up with Unicron's side of the conflict. Sideways attacks Starscream with a swarm of amoeba-like organisms. Hot Shot's team runs to assist, but Wheeljack and Hot Shot are attacked by more of the parasites. The kids try to rouse the Mini-Con weapons into freeing themselves from Thrust's possession, and whistling from Perceptor helps the effort. Thrust and Sideways ignore the kids and leave, their tracks covered by tendrils. With no other options, Hot Shot and Wheeljack connect their backs and form a completely silly looking cyclone. Alexis lets Starscream join the team because she's Starscream's friend. Sideways plugs the Mini-Con into Unicron's core processor, angry at Thrust for having not grabbed the Star Saber. As the team moves through the caverns, they run into more suspiciously organic obstacles, separating Starscream and Alexis from the rest of the crew. Starscream goes airborne to fly Alexis to safety, but Alexis (stupid) hops off Starscream (really stupid) to retrieve her good luck charm she dropped (very stupid). Starscream saves her. Everybody manages to make their way to the surface, finding themselves to be on Cybertron's moon. The surface shatters and quakes, with Jetfire arriving just in time to save Hot Shot, Wheeljack, the Mini-Cons, and the kids. From a distance, it becomes evident that Unicron has been gestating inside of the Moon from the start. On Cybertron's surface, Wheeljack and Starscream depart.


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"All right! Well that was some fireworks display fellas, but who said you can start the party without me?"

Jetfire and Tidal Wave

"At any cost, Unicron must be stopped, or the result will be devastating. The fate of all Transformers in the universe lie in the balance."


Alexis: "Starscream! Don't go, stay here with us. We could really use your help right now.
Hot Shot: "You know she's right, Starscream. "How 'bout joining with us?"
Starscream: "I'll have to pass. I don't want to risk betraying you a second time. It wouldn't be fair."
Alexis: "I know you wouldn't do that, you wouldn't betray your friends, would you?"
Starscream: "I'm - not sure. I'm not sure of anything... anymore. You trusted me Alexis, and I thank you for that."
Alexis: "...Oh Starscream."


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Encountering Sideways in the organic cavern, Wheeljack's face is grey for a second.
  • Rad spies on Thrust holding the Requiem Blaster, the blaster is colored like part of Thrust.
  • When Hot Shot and co. are fleeing from the wave of acid, his thighs are gray for a moment instead of black.
  • When Wheeljack turns his back on Hot Shot at the end, his back looks nothing like it should.

Continuity errors

  • Alexis's explanation about Starscream escorting the kids is perhaps a strong exaggeration of Starscream briefly encountering the kids last episode.
  • Alexis says her necklace is made from a Cybertronian's rock, but wouldn't it make a lot more sense if it were made from the rock Starscream brought back from Mars? As seen in the next episode, given its importance to her and its relationship to Starscream, this is likely a dubbing error.
  • All throughout the episode, Alexis calls Sureshock "Grindor" and Grindor "Sureshock".

Miscellaneous trivia

  • por·tent (pôr'těnt') noun
    • 1. An indication of something important or calamitous about to occur; an omen.
    • 2. Prophetic or threatening significance: signs full of portent.
    • 3. Something amazing or marvelous; a prodigy.
- The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition








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