TFPrimeRU02 Popcorn

Popcorn (Попкорн) is a rat.

Eaglemoss Prime comic

"On Thin Ice"

A rat somehow got into Autobot Outpost Omega One where it was spotted by Miko Nakadai, who dubbed it "Popcorn". She soon lost track of Popcorn, as the rodent got into the GroundBridge control systems and destroyed some of the circuitry. As a result, when Raf tried to GroundBridge Team Prime back to base, they were instead scattered to the four corners of the Earth. Once Raf managed to retrieve Ratchet from Antarctica, the Autobot quickly found Popcorn, and Miko asked if they could keep him. Ratchet told her to release him outside the base and apologize to Raf for the trouble.

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