Polyhex was a city on Cybertron that was bombed by the Decepticons during the buildup to the Great War.


Transformers: Exodus

Located opposite the ruins of Darkmount, Polyhex was bombed by Megatron's followers, causing a cliff to collapse, taking a few homes with it, including that of the renowned artist Chromatron. Cybertron's Satellite Command Center was located at Polyhex, and it was also where High Councilor Ratbat was from and gathered most of his support, so it was no surprise it fell in the third battle of the civil war after he went over to the Decepticons

Transformers: Prime

Optimus Prime and his team remembered a battle in Polyhex and used a plan they used in the battle against Starscream on Earth during one of the Decepticon's crazy schemes.

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