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Policeman Pete is a 1-2-3 Transformer semi-related to the Go-Bots continuity.
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Policeman Pete is... well... a policeman of some sort.

Japanese name: Peat


1-2-3 Transformers

Pete's markings and badge would suggest that he works for the Tonka Police Patrol. Little is known about this possibly-vigilante law-enforcement agency.


1-2-3 Transformers

  • Policeman Pete (Mega, 2002)
Policemanpete nightstick


In Robot Mode, Pete features a badge-shaped button on his chest to activate his electronic gimmicks. Pete's alt-mode is a blue, black, and white SUV with various markings linking him to the mysterious Tonka Police Patrol. Pete is equipped with a shield bearing his own name, and some sort of blunt melee weapon.
This same mold was used for Fire Marshal Mike in the US, and slightly recolored for its release in Japan as "Peat."

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